I'd like to announce the fourth installment of Zeppelin Digital. For no particular reason other than that we have a wealth of great shows from this era, this volume will consist of 3 excellent shows from the early '73 Euro tour. These are all known-gen copies and are believed to be the best available.

-January 15, 1973 - Trentham Gardens, Stoke-On-Trent 1stGen->DAT->CDR

-March 16, 1973 - Vienna, Austria Master->DAT->CDR

-March 17, 1973 - Munich, Germany Master->DAT->CDR

A few notes on the 3/17/73 set, this copy is better than Sturm Und Drang. Sturm Und Drang is most likely a knock off of this master as the cuts appear in the same places. A copy of a bootleg release was used to fill in the cuts and make a complete show, Tomislaw did a great job on it!

A few things have changed since the last volume. First, once you've signed up you'll receive a unique ticket ID from the web site so that if, after the structure is posted, you are not on the structure, I'll be able to tell that you did in fact sign up and will use one of the reserved slots to put you on the tree. Make sure you remember this identifier. Since this is a new thing,  there is the potential for a hiccup. Let me know if you run into any problems signing up such as a blank ticket ID or any type of error message.

Secondly, an announcements list has been started so that we can communicate more efficiently with the people interested in ZD with out cluttering FBO and it's like. Only tree structures and announcements will be posted to FBO, LEDCDR and LedZeppelin while other, less important, announcements will be posted to the ZD list. Things such as possible contents of future Volumes, corrections on the web page and so on are what I'm referring to. To signup to the list, visit this address: http://outrider.triton.net/~kohnb/zd/info.html#LISTS

Signups will begin to be accepted on August 6th and will stop being accepted on August 14th. To signup up for this (and all) ZD trees, the signup page can be found at: http://outrider.triton.net/~kohnb/zd/trees.php3

Comments, questions, complaints: zd@outrider.triton.net