This is the first and only announcement of the third volume of Zeppelin
Digital. As I was laying out the SHN discs I ended up with a 5th disc that
was very small and decided to include a 4th show, the excellent Sanctuary
release of 7/21/69, Complete Schaefer Music Festival.

As always, signups are being taken over the web. The new signup process
still isn't complete and as such, the same process that was used for the
first two volumes will be used for the third.

Volume 3 consists of:

*Led Zeppelin - July 25th, 1969 - New York, NY
- Bootleg "Complete Schaefer Music Festival"
*Led Zeppelin - September 14th, 1971 - Berkeley, CA
- Vinyl->CDR
*Led Zeppelin - November 25th, 1971 - Leicester, UK
- Bootleg "Mystical Majesties Request"
*Led Zeppelin - June 23rd, 1977 - Los Angelos, CA
- Combination of best available sources

Visit this link to signup: