I think I've delayed it about as long as I'm going to be able to... more
detailed information than this regarding the sources will be posted to the
web site but signups are now being taken for Zeppelin Digital Volume 2.

Here's what it consists of:

** Led Zeppelin - January 10th, 1969
   -San Francisco, California - 2ndgen->DAT->CDR
** Led Zeppelin - June 11th, 1972
   -Baltimore, Maryland - Master->DAT->CDR
** John Paul Jones - March 21, 2000
   -Nashville, Tennessee - D>CDR

As before, visit this site to sign up:


Signups will be accepted until June 1st. That gives you a little over a
week to signup.

The signup process will change drastically for Volume 3 so this should be
the last time this process will be used. It will still be web-based but it
should be a little easier for everyone involved.

As always, we're looking for any seed offerings one might like to
contribute. We've received a lot of great stuff so far, keep it coming.

Volume 3 is shaping up to be a new copy of the Badgeholder's show,
6/23/77. It's a combination of the best available sources by Ron. Volume 3
will also include a brand new vinyl transfer of the 9/14/71 Berkeley show
which is a great improvement over the previous boot releases. Lastly,
we're going to include a 2nd gen copy of 6/25/72 for everyone who received
a bad copy from the "Closer To God" tree that was run in the past months.

Thanks for all involved in the first volume, hope everyone enjoys Volume