Signups are now being accepted for the initial Volume of Zeppelin Digital.

This tree consists of: July 25th, 1969 - West Allis, Wisconsin - 2ndgen->DAT->CDR Track Listing: 1.The Train Kept A Rollin' 2.I Can't Quit You 3.Dazed And Confused 4.White Summer / Black Mountain Side 5.How Many More Times (medley: The Hunter, The Lemon Song..) 6.Communication Breakdown September 9th, 1971 - Hampton, Virginia - 1stgen reel->DAT->CDR Track Listing: Disc 1: 1.Immigrant Song 2.Heartbreaker 3.Since I've Been Loving You 4.Black Dog 5.Dazed & Confused Disc 2: 1.Stairway To Heaven 2.Celebration Day 3.That's The Way 4.Going To California 5.What Is And What Should Never Be 6.Moby Dick May 13, 1973 - Mobile, Alabama - 1stgen reel>DAT>CDR Track Listing: Disc 1: 1.Rock & Roll 2.Celebration Day 3.Black Dog 4.Over The Hills And Far Away 5.Misty Mountain Hop 6.Since I've Been Loving You 7.No Quarter 8.The Song Remains The Same 9.The Rain Song Disc 2: 1.Dazed & Confused 2.Stairway To Heaven 3.Moby Dick Sound quality of each source is a very significant upgrade from their respective boot releases. To sign up for this tree visit the trees page at our website and select the signup form for the position you wish to signup for. More information on the different positions available can be found on the information page. The trees page is at The info page is at Signups will be accepted until Sunday, April 30th. If anyone wishes to provide a seed for Volume 2 we are still looking for contributions. See the info page for more information regarding seeding ZD. Ben Kohn Zeppelin Digital