Robert Plant - Aug 26, 1983 – Tree Announcement.

Robert Plant began his solo career in 1983 after a brief stint with
a group called the Honeydrippers. He had gathered a few friends: on
guitars-Robbie Blunt, keyboards-Jezz Woodroffe, bass-Paul Martinez
and on drums-Phil Collins & Barriemore Barlow. The first two albums
were recorded during 1982 and 1983. With enough material to finally
tour, his first solo appearance was scheduled for Aug 26, 1983,
Peoria, Illinois.

The following tree is the above mentioned concert. The show was
recorded with a hand held cassette recorder on a Maxell cassette,
and has been in a private collection until it's transfer to a new
TDK cassette and onto my hard drive. This is a second generation
cassette transferred over to cdr through Soundblaster digital.
Recorded with Cool Pro Edit Professional and copied onto cdr with a
HP 9350 i burner.

I have only cleaned the concert, removing as much outside noise as
possible, the rating on this show is about a 7 out of 10 and a must
have for all Robert Plant fans.

Here is the setlist

Disc 1
In the Mood
Pledge Pin
Messin with the Mekon
Worse than Detroit
Fat Lip
Thru with the Two Step
Other Arms
Horizontal Departure/Liven up Yourself
Slow Dancer

Disc 2
Mystery Title
Wreckelss Love
Like I've Never Been Gone
Big Log
Burning Down One Side

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