Common questions pertaining to trees in all medias

Q: How can I get on one of these " trees?"

A: Very easily. Someone with a good tape that they'd like to tree will post it to the list. He or she will generally state the date, setlist, and a small review of the tape, and offer it as a tree. They'll usually ask for the following information as well: Your name, e-mail address, snail-mail address (or geographical location), whether you'll be a branch or a leaf, and (sometimes) what type of recording equipment you have. Simply contact that person, and you're in!

Q: Once I get on the tree, who do I contact to get my copy?

A: When everyone has had a chance to sign up, the administrator will post the tree structure to the list. There, you'll see everyone who signed up, some as branches, some as leaves. The branches will be marked (usually different each time) as will the leaves. If you've signed up as a branch, the administrator normally contacts you, if not, you can contact him or her when the structure is posted. For leaves, it's normally your responsibility to contact your branch. Although it IS a good idea, out of courtesy, for the branches to get a hold of their leaves, letting them know your general trading policies.

Q: What does someone mean by "blanks and postage"?

A: There are two ways to look at this. One method is to send only the number of tapes/cdrs required for the boot and enough return postage to send it back. (i.e. If a show only takes one blank tape, you need only send one blank tape and approximately $1.50 with it, preferably in the form of stamps or SASE) Another method is two send double the amount of tapes/cdrs required, where the extra tape/cdrs(s) would cover the amount of postage involved. There is no payment for this service, ever. Don't do business with anyone who wants payment for taping. Most traders are only too happy to make copies for anyone who asks.
****The key to this is good communication with whoever you're trading with****

Q: Since this is my first tree, I don't have anything to trade. Can I still be part of the tree?

A: Yes indeed. Most traders are more than happy to dub a copy for you for only blanks and postage.

Q: If I miss the request cutoff date for the tree, is there any way to get on the tree?

A: In general, no. You can try sending mail to somebody who's making fewer than 5 copies, and ask if he'll make you one. Of course you can always grovel and beg to the entire list, there are a bunch of really nice people there, and I'm sure someone would be willing to help you out.

Q: What happens if I send my blanks and then weeks go by without receiving anything from my branch?

A:There is no way to say this any clearer, patience and good communication are the keys to a successful tree. Give you branch ample opportunity to explain the progress of the tree and if you are still concerned take it up with the tree administrator