Well folks, my very first tree.

Led Zeppelin 2 CDR "THE BEST OF LIVE"

This is basically a compilation disc, material that EVERY Zep fan should
own. Various sources, but all EXCELLENT QUALITY. Some common stuff here,
other hard-to-find, except on expensive mega-disc sets, or LP releases.
Branches, email me with the title in the subject, and include your name
and location (i.e. state, country). Unfortunately (and I hope this is not
a problem) I have no artwork for this. Here's the setlist.

Out On The Tiles (9.4.70)
Four Sticks (5.3.71)
Gallows Pole (5.3.71)
Celebrtion Day (9.04.71)
Black Dog (9.23.71)
Stairway To Heaven (9.29.71 from superior LP)
Rock And Roll (6.25.72)
Communication Breakdown (6.25.72)
Dancing Days (10.04.72)
Stairway To Heaven (10.04.72)
Stairway To Heaven (10.09.72)
Immigrant Song (10.10.72)
Over The Hills And Far Away (10.10.72)
Dazed And Confused (3.24.73)
Whole Lotta Love (3.24.73)
Sick Again/In My Time Of Dying/Black Country    Woman ( all 4.27.77)
Guitar Solo (6.27.77)
Achilles Last Stand (6.21.77)
Kashmir/Trampled Underfoot/WLL-Rock and    
 Roll (all 6.23.77)
In My Time Of Dying (6.25.77)
Song Remains The Same/Sick Again (6.27.77)
Rock And Roll (7.17.77)
In The Evening (7.23.79)
In The Evening (7.24.79)
Sick Again (7.24.79)

Whew. And That's It...