Status of Strange Sensations 05/28/01 VINE

Hello Folks, This is an announcement to start a vine of the Strange Sensations 5/28/01 Washington DC show. I had recieved the currently circulated version of this show and felt it could use a little help. I do not know the source of this show, but I thank and applaud the taper. It was recorded well and transferred well, but really was not properly mastered for CD. I have remastered it and consider it a worthy upgrade to the original which is why I'm taking the time to do this vine.


I have created this page so it will make it easy for anyone to check on the status of this vine. As you receive and send out the vine send me a email at LEDZEPZOSO@HOTMAIL.COM. I will try to update the page within 48 hours.

I have not updated he page because I have not received any updates on the status of this vine since David M (US) and David R(Europe) email me over a month ago.

April 04 Recived a update from Justin, he never receive dthe disc sent by David M #2. h esent Davis a couple of email and never got any response. So he sent a email to Matt H (#1) and Matt was kind enough to provide a extrae copy to help continue the vine. So after a 40 day delay we aremoving again.




  Name Email Address Received Sent
01 matt h 02/11 02/12
02 david m 02/16 02/20
03 justin h 04/02  
04 marc c    
05 john c    
06 john m    
07 mark o    
08 ted b    
09 dev k    
10 will m    
11 mike t    
12 russell t    
13 jim l    
14 brandy d    
15 bill d    
16 nicolas s    
17 jon m    
18 dave c    
19 eric m    
20 richard b    
21 bryan r    
22 pat l    
23 chris e    
24 tom s    
25 mark b    
26 chris c    
27 matt c    
28 larry s    
29 nick w    
30 rob t    
31 greg s    
32 ben s    
33 matthew d    
34 mark d    
35 kent l    
36 clifford u    
37 jim h    
38 dale e    
39 les s    
40 james p    

Europe Vine

01 richard p 02/21 02/25
02 amit s    
03 robert w    
04 pete r 03/09  
05 ahmed r    
06 arndt i    
07 marco m    
08 pieter k    
09 federico d    
10 james p