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To christen the new FBO list I have decided to do a tree.

Closing Date 5/8/99 (Students- Make sure you can fulfill you part before
summer break of this one if you sign up)

Thsi tree will consist of the Zep show in St. Paul on 7/9/73 and some
filler to round out 3 CD-R's. Branches will be required to accept 2:1
blanks, or blanks and postage, or a fair trade worked out between the
parties involved. Please use quality media that both parties acan agree

The Setlists:
St. Paul 7/9/73(Generational info: Master->DAT->CDR)
  Disc 1
Rock and Roll
Celebration Day
Black Dog
Over the Hills and Far Away
Dancing Days Tease->Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
No Quarter
The Song Remains the Same
The Rain song

  Disc 2:
Dazed and Confused
Stairway to Heaven
Moby Dick

  Disc 3:
Whole Lotta Love
Communication breakdown
Rude World Outtakes(unknown Gen)
  1-Vocal ONLY
  2-Insturmental ONLY
  3-Complete track
Oh My God (3rd gen)
  1 Trampled-Kashmir(Instrumental)
  2 Custard Pie
  3 In the Light
  4 Swan Song

The show is fairly well recorded and this copy of the show is as good as
it gets. If you have never heard this show it is a must have. The band
arrives late to the show andf then puts on a silly concert.

St. Paul Civic Center
St. Paul, Minnesota

The tape has a little too much “auditorium” to it. The sound is a little
echo-ey like you would expect from a sports arena. The bass is kind of
boomy. This is partially due to the venue but also from the equipment used
to record it. There is some tape hiss but I would consider it quite low
for 1973 audience tape.

The tape is a little distant from the stage but not too bad.

There are a few firecrackers at various places in the show.  It seems
somebody picked all the quiet places Jimmy was playing to shoot them off.
How unnerving must that have been when he was under death threats the
whole tour?

Pre Show
The tape opens up with the tapers making comments about the delay in
getting the concert started. There are several cuts in this lead-in that
makes me believe the tapers were fooled about when the concert was going
to begin.

The band finally comes on stage.  A few tests of the instruments then….

Rock and Roll
Overwhelmed early by the audience. Robert opens with the single worst
voice of the 1973 tour. He doesn’t even bother to sing, he just reads the
lyrics. Jimmy is a little low in the early mix but it gets better as the
song gets going. It’s a good thing that it too, because Jimmy does his
best to make up for Robert’s slow start. Bonham adds a nice long drum fill
to finish the song.

Celebration Day
Straight into this one with no pause. Robert gets better on this, but
still has a ways to go before he’s ready to “sing”. The rest of the band
is solid as usual on the 1973 tour.

Black Dog
Straight into this one with no pause either. Jimmy takes the lead on this,
but Bonzo responds to the challenge.  The crowd follows Robert in the
Ah-Ah’ s and that seems to fire up the band somewhat. Jimmy finishes the
song with gusto. A guy next to the taper was impressed too adding an “Oh

The overall tempo used by the band for the first three songs seems slow.

Over the Hills and Far Away
Robert introduces this one by promoting the new album “Houses of the
Holy”. Firecrackers explode just before Roberts enters with the first
lyric. He’s singing! Well… at least some. Jonesy starts to come to the
fore with a really nice bass line here. Jimmy’s in his own world in a
really odd solo for this song. A good one despite Roberts weak voice.

Dancing Days (Tease)
Jimmy starts the Dancing Days riff and he seem ready to do it but gets cut
off by Robert.  Robert starts to admonish the crowd for their behavior.
Some fights must have broken out. He makes a reference to smashed eggs and
tells the crowd to move back.

Misty Mountain Hop
This is introduced as another one off the new album. Robert says “We need
your help on this”  and proceeds to get the audience clapping, maybe to
promote the peace. Robert is somewhat warmed up by now, but still is not

I don’t think this was one of the better versions of this song from 1973.
Everyone is doing their own thing and it all falls apart.

Jones and Bonham don’t want Jimmy to get into Since I’ve been Loving You
and keep jamming past Jimmy’s cues to move to the next song. Finally on
the third cue, they stop and let Jimmy go.

Since I’ve Been Loving You
Ahhh… Zeppelin, they always seem to surprise me. As bad as Misty Mountain
Hop was, this is the complete opposite. If you’re a Bonzo fan this one is
for you.  Jimmy FEELS the blues.  Another one really appreciated by the
crowd (and me!!!!)

No Quarter
Robert introduces this song as another thing off the new album and then
proceeds to introduce Jonesy on the synthesized piano. The crowd sees the
visual effects and they are amazed by them. Robert still is not all the
way back yet.

Here we go again… Everyone is jamming in their own little world.  There
seems to be a “competition” going on between Jimmy, Bonzo and Jonesy and
the nobody wants to let the other take over, kind of  “Uptight” but loose.
 Fun to listen to but musically a mess.

The Song Remains the Same
The competition goes on. A nice version overall. Each member has places
where they shine.

The Rain Song
Robert is finally singing and smartly doesn’t push his voice. The
mellotron sounds in tune tonight. This song is very well played. 
Tragically, the mix has the melloton way too loud.  This spoils the song.
The audience, however,  seems impressed.

Dazed and Confused
An AMAZING wah-wah intro by Jimmy. Finally! Robert is back and he gives a
great vocal performance. It is the most improvised version of Dazed I have
ever heard from 1973. This is one case where the arena makes the song. The
natural echo of the arena really enhances the whole eerie feel of it.
Jimmy plays outstanding from the start to the finish some 32 minutes


In strange irony to the incredible performance someone near the taper,
after the song is over, asks “What time is it?”  (That question works on
many levels doesn’t it?)

Stairway to Heaven
Several attempts to start, fail when the crowd is too noisy. Finally,
Robert says “Shhhh…” and the crowd quiets enough to start. Jimmy continues
to play above and beyond. Robert tries to get a few of the high notes for
the finish and makes some. A small cut in the recording is disappointing
in such a strong version of this song.

Moby Dick
Drums, Ho-hum.

Cuts in. Jimmy continues to roll, you’ve got to hear his solo in this one.
The competition is back too. I actually laughed at what was being played.
Zeppelin at it’s improvisational finest.

Whole Lotta Love
A few measures drum rolls and the boys go right into it as usual. The
Crunge section is emphasized tonight. Jimmy plays a really odd solo.
Boogie is enhanced by the natural echo of the building.

It’s just hard to believe that whole last half of this concert is so good.

Communication Breakdown
A fine finish.