You've probably received an auto email about the file I posted
containing the gen history of this little gem.

Therefore Tree number two is up and running.

The gen. history for this is:
2/16/75   St. Louis, MO    Cassette Master/ DAT(1)/ CDR(2)  - Source
2 (2CDR)

The database is in place ready to accept your signups.

Firstly I'll ask you to partake in a poll. I'll ask one question: Do
you want St Louis in SHN for the Tree?

I received the discs in Audio and it is no hassle to SHN it for those
that prefer it distributed this way.

I'll keep this open for signups until this time next week.

I insist that Audio Branches use EAC (MAC users excepted) on quality

Once again I'm in need of an artist for the Artwork, this is a 2 disc


Les. :)