I am announcing a tree for Tulsa, Oklahoma August 21, 1970.This is a 2cd
set called Sharky Goes West.This is the first in a series of 4 I will be
treeing this summer.The source is Master>Tape>CDR.I would rate the sound a
solid 7.The artwork for this set is almost done and it's by Barbero(awsome
art I might add).The show has a Blueberry Hill feel to it.This show does
exist on a title called You Gotta Be Cool  but, it's rated a 3-5 and is a
horrible recording from what  I understand.I was told this source has
never been released.The day i wrote this I got a email from Fisheads with
this title listed as a new release from Toldoz.This may be of the same
source as my tape?.This is my first tree so im limiting it to USA and
Canada.Branches will need to burn 3-5 leaves in DAO.Also, Branches will be
required to accept 1:1+postage or 2:1 trades or whatever trade the Branch
or Leaf agree on.

Branches please email me with the subject Oklahoma Branch.Branches
Please tell me the #of CDRS you can burn.I will also need your name
and geographical location.my email is redthing2@aol.com.

Leafs Please email me with the subject Oklahoma leaf.I will also need your
name and geographic location>my email is redthing2@aol.com

This tree will close in 7 day's.

Here is the set list.

Disk 1
Immigrant Song
Dazed&Confused(includes White Summer)
Bring It On Home
That's The Way
Since I've Been Loving You

Disk 2
Organ Solo-Thankyou
What Is & What Should Never Be
Moby Dick
Whole Lotta Love (inc.Boogie Chillen-Bottle Up And Go-
Shake Rattke&Roll-I'll Be Yours You Be Mine-The Lemon
Song-My Baby Left Me-That's Allright Mama)
Communication Breakdown