Hello, this is the first announcement for the San Franciso Continued
CDR Tree.  This tree will close one week from now, next Sunday July 25,
midnight Eastern N.A. Time.

It consists of two bootlegs released in 1998 on the House of Elrond
label.  It will take 3 CDRs.

Fillmore 69 - Definitive Remastered Edition
Fillmore West, April 24, 1969.
Disc 1:  73:55
  As Long As I Have You
  You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover
  Killing Floor
  White Summer
  Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
  Pat's Delight (Early Moby Dick)
Bonus Track:
  How Many More Times (January 26, 1969, Boston)

C'Mon Everybody
Winterland Ballroom, November 6, 1969.
Disc 1:  66:45
  Communication Breakdown
  I Can't Quit You
  Dazed and Confused
  White Summer/Black Mountainside
  What Is and What Should Never Be
  Moby Dick
Disc 2:  62:59
  How Many More Times
  C'Mon Everybody
  Something Else
Bonus Tracks: (March 3/69 Danish TV)
  Train Kept A Rollin'
  I Can't Quit You
  You Shook Me
  Communication Breakdown
Bonus Track:  (unknown origin)
  Communication Breakdown

The 04-24-69 show has been released on a number of labels, all of high
quality.  It might not be necessary therefore to get C'Mon Everybody if
you alreay have another version.  Please note that there are two cuts in
White Summer.

The 11-06-69 show is an improvement on the previous releases (Punk,
Blow Up, The End of 69).  The previous releases have been rated on
Trampled Underground between 3-5 out of 10.  I'd say C'Mon Everybody is a
solid 6/10.  More typical traders might advertise it as 7/10.

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