this announcement is for the 1969 Led Zeppelin Tree only!!

This is a 4 cd-r tree.
The reviews of all the shows are below the main portion of the announcement.

The first 2 cds are filled with 3 March 69 shows provided to us by 
Richard Borg,
Thanks Richard!
The shows are Stockholm 3-14-69, Teen Club 3-15-69 and Brondby Club 3-15-69(evening).
The other 2 cds are an old classic, assembled from
very low gen DAT tapes.
The show is the Fillmore West 4-27-69 and runs 131min.
It is a major upgrade from anything which has been
previously released via bootlegs.

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*************************THE SHOWS*******************************

Ok, here is some information concerning the Scandinavian'69 concerts 
from Richard Borg:

March 14 1969 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
Opening act for Country Joe & the Fish, the show started at 19.30 according
to the ad in the papers. Later the same evening, starting at ten o'clock,
both acts played at the University Lecture Hall in Uppsala which is 80km
north of Stockholm. The concert was recorded by a kid, 12-13 years of age,
and he was only allowed to go since his older brother was going. I was told
he used one of the earliest portable cassettedecks and the microphone 
that came with it. A good guess would be a Philips portable. He recorded 
both acts. The master tape is no longer with us but a 1st gen exists and this 
one has been transfered to DAT. Swedish Radio professionally recorded the
concert and in 1982 and again in 1985 23 minutes was broadcast on the show
"Rock fran underjorden" ("Rock from underground" in English). Most of 
you probably have this in some form.

Here's the setlist:
Introduction (should be in English but very difficult to hear. I base this
on the fact that Konserthuset had an English introducer for the Jimi Hendrix concerts in January the same year)
The Train Kept A Rollin'
I Gotta Move
I Can't Quit You
Dazed and Confused
White Summer/Black Mountain Side
How Many More Times

Running time: 50 minutes

March 15 1969 Teen Club, Egegaard Skole, Gladsaxe, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Again two concerts are held during the same evening, this time they are
headlining. Teen Club is situated at Egegaard skole (skole means school in
Danish) so we're not talking about a nightclub here, just a place for the
youngsters to go after school to meet friends, listen to music, etc.
Gladsaxe is a part of Copenhagen. According to the ad the show started at
19.30. I have reason to believe that this show was recorded by a Swede, not
a Dane. When the Swedish musicmagazine "Pop" reviewed "BBC Sessions" the
reviewer said that he and a friend went to Copenhagen in 1969 to see Led Zeppelin 
(the ferry from Sweden to Denmark only takes 20 minutes and then
it's a trainride for about 40 minutes to get to Copenhagen). His friend had
brought along his reel-to-reel deck and he recorded the concert. On their
way back home they had a first listen and could make out the Spirit song
"Fresh Garbage". I have not yet been in contact with the reviewer but I plan
to, so more info to come. Anyway, the tape being treed is a 2nd gen analog
copy transfered to DAT (I don't know if it's master reel>reel>cassette>DAT
or if it's master reel>cassette>cassette>DAT).

Now for the setlist:
Train Kept A Rollin'
I Can't Quit You
As Long As I Have You (including Fresh Garbage)
You Shook Me
Communication Breakdown (2 seconds of diginoise at the very end)

Running time: 37 min

March 15 1969 Brondby Pop-Club, Norregardshallen, Brondby, Copenhagen,

Time for the second show of the evening. Norregardshallen is a gym, 
also at a school, so no flashy nightclub with go-go dancers this time either.
Brondby is a suburb to Copenhagen. The show started very late according to
the review (see below) and Plant starts the show by saying "thank you 
for being so patient". This recording came into circulation among traders
through the release of the boot "Denmark'69" on the Deep label (matrix #:
MIK 028) back in 1992. The tape being treed is superior in quality and 
the master has been transfered directly to DAT. I don't know anything more 
about this recording, so to make up for this I've translated a review of the 
show for you, and it's a good one!

But first the setlist:
Train Kept A Rollin'
I Can't Quit You
Dazed and Confused
You Shook Me

Running time: 31 minutes

Review originally published in the Swedish newspaper "Sydsvenska 
Dagbladet" ("The Southswedish Daily Paper") Monday March 17 1969 - Written by Otis.

"The supergroup in a gymnasium Led Zeppelin attracted a huge audience

The interest in popmusic in Copenhagen is really impressive. When Led
Zeppelin late on Saturday evening grabbed their instruments in a 
gymnasium in a newly built school far out in Copenhagen's suburban areas, a few
thousand people stood outdoors crowding in the icecold wind. Most of 
them eventually managed to get inside - three year old youngsters as well as
moustache-adorned men with merely ten years to their retirement - and 
seated on the floor, which seems to be custom at bigger popevents in Denmark.

Led Zeppelin is the group that got well known already before their 
first LP had been released and before they even had begun playing live. Former
Yardbirdsguitarist Jimmy Page had formed a group on his own, a 
supergroup; that's all you knew. This was enough for the American music magazines 
to get the hype going and appoint Led Zeppelin the obvious inheritors of Cream.

It should at once be made clear that Led Zeppelin is a group with great
qualifications. To this you unfortunately have to add that the quartet 
all too poorly use their inherent power.

Jimmy Page had done his studies on Hendrix but has too much 
concentrated on the soundtrickery parts of the playing. It's not that funny listening 
to a guitarist who's standing there stroking the strings back and forth with 
a violinbow, not letting the amplifiers rest for at least tenth of a 
second. That's really wasting your talent. It's a fact that he's got talent, 
this Jimmy Page. Talent and skill, even though he doesn't quite reach the 
same class as, for example, Peter Green. There is something in the way. The
fluency isn't as good as it should be and he doesn't quite push himself 
to the point where his solos would arouse unrestrained enthusiasm.

Page's interaction with vocalist Robert Plant deserves notable 
attention, though. At times they succeeded in reaching total harmony between 
guitar and voice, both seemed to melt together in an unusual way. Plant is 
otherwise not such a fascinating singer; if it hadn't been for his high-pitching 
he would suit in any ordinary mainstream popgroup.

Led Zeppelin's rythmsection impressed, even though some lack in
co-ordination sometimes was apparent. Drummer John Bonham is playing 
with incredible heaviness and authority, and bassist John Paul Jones'
contribution is apparent in most arrangements. Bonham's long solo was
meaningless, as were some of Jimmy Page's soundgames.

Led Zeppelin impressed the most in the hard, earthy numbers with "You 
Shook Me" - from the album- at the top. During those numbers the group was
high-class and fulfilled the frequent writings on the supergroup.

There was a lot of good music to listen to this evening in Bronby's
Pop-Club. Most enjoyful was Made In Sweden. This trio is the best one 
in Sweden, concerning popmusic. When will the Malmoeaudience get a chance 
to see any of our best popgroups?"

Ok, that's it. I hope my translation from Swedish to English wasn't 
that bad ("chicken in the basket")!

Take care and hug one another more often, Richard Borg :-)

4-27-69 Fillmore West, San Francisco, California

131 minutes, complete

First Set

Train Kept A Rollin'
I Can't Quit You
As Long As I Have You
~Fresh Garbage
~Mannish Boy
~No Money Down
You Shook Me
How Many More Times
~The Hunter
~(Here We Go Round) The Mulberry Bush
Communication Breakdown

Second Set

Killing Floor
~Sweet Jelly Roll
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
White Summer/Black Mountain Side
Sittin' And Thinkin'
Pat's Delight
Dazed And Confused

To my knowledge, this concert has never been released
in the correct running order, as above.

This show has long been available as:
1)a soundboard recording, incomplete, with unbalanced volume.
2)an audience recording, almost complete, but very slow running.
Some of you may have seen the audience recording listed
as being 133 to 140 minutes long. This is incorrect, probably
due to the slow running speed of most of the audience tapes.

Both versions were used, to assemble the show, in as
complete form as it will ever be.(there are a couple small
area of less than 10 seconds, missing from both recordings)

Very low generation DAT tapes were used. They were:
Soundboard-    Master>DAT
Audience-         2nd gen>DAT

The entire SB source was used, merging the AUD source
for the missing sections.

For those of you unfamiliar with 1969 Led Zeppelin shows,
a brief explaination of some songs follows.

>>>As Long As I Have You (by Garnett Mimms)
This song debuted sometime in 1968 shows, well before
the first album hit the stores. Typically containing a medley
of old blues numbers, it remained in the set through May 1969.
This version from the Fillmore is regarded by many as the best ever.

>>>Killing Floor (by Howlin' Wolf)
The song that eventually evolved into The Lemon Song.
This version is the last known complete rendition of the song,
although it occasionally appeared within WLL medley until 1972

>>>Sittin' And Thinkin'  (by Buddy Guy)
This is the only known performance of this song. It is very
likely the inspiration for Since I've Been Loving You.

>>>Pat's Delight
This instrumental contained the drum solo, before Moby Dick was written.

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