Hey there group,

    Are you ready for this summer's hottest release ? Ha ! just
kidding, actually this is just a little Robert Plant show I'd like to
tree. So , break out your 80 minute cdrs ! and the reason for that
is,, this is the first time I've decided to tree a show with bonus
tracks from other shows from Robert Plant, all of them from L.A.!
yes ! don't ya just love it when you go to your favorite music store
and decide to buy a CD from one of your favorite bands and the record
company decided to re-release it and remaster it including "bonus
tracks", oh ! I love it !

    Above all, I'd like to thank these three individuals for helping
me get this tree up and going :
Larry Richardson - Administrator
Jim Sifferle - Q&A
Dan Murphey - Artistic magic (the artist)

    And I'm your host for the Robert Plant "L.A. Madness" tree. To
sign-up as a branch or leaf in the heading of your e-mail please type
in "L.A. Madness Branch" or "L.A. Madness Leaf" with this information
provided by you:
Your name
Country of origin
Branch or Leaf
(if your a branch) # of Leafs ?
Overseas leafs ?
    And send your e-mail to :


    And that's it. Tree sign-ups will end next Friday August 2,
2002 . And the tree structure will be done over the weekend .

    OK, here's the "Tale Of The Tape(s)", as with the other shows I
have tree'd such as :
Robert Plant at Kalamazoo, MI. 5-26-88 &
Robert Plant at Mesa, AZ. 10-19-93 &
Jimmy Page at San Diego, CA. 10-8-88
    They were taped by the "Mad Taper", who wishes to have his real
name disclosed. He is also responsible for taping:
Robert Plant at L.A., CA. 6-14-88 &
Robert Plant a L.A., CA. 11-1-90 

    Your probably wondering why am I just giving you just the encore
of L.A. 11-1-90 as a bonus filler and not the whole show ? That's
because the "Mad Taper" forgot to use a "fresh tape" (duh!) for the
taping of the L.A. 11-1-90 show, therefore 2/3 of the tape suffers
from a bleed through of Madonna & The Pet Shop Boys (oh God no !) and
I'm sure you don't want to hear that......

    But, fortunetly the encore part of L.A. 11-1-90 made it to the
fresh part of the tape. I happen to really like the "Little By
Little" from the L.A. 6-17-85 show, it's just basic filler for your
enjoyment and was digitally restored from vinyl . And last but, not
least ! our main course for dinner is Robert Plant at L.A. 6-14-88,
Robert seems to be in a energetic mood during this show, I hope you
like it.

Happy trading,