This is a very nice recording that had some audience noise that
has been normalized to make it excellent quality.  Plant was very hot
that night and played lots of Zep tunes.  It is 2cd audio format. It is no
coincidence this is  exactly a year old and thus this full release is a
of that show. The  tapes,  as well as myself and boyfriend, had angels
over us when my 4Runner rolled over not 15 minutes after the show on the
We came out with just a few cuts and bruises and the tapes were unharmed.

Here is the text file for the recording

Robert Plant
Uptown Theatre
Kansas City, Missouri
September 5, 2002
"The Rollover Tapes"

01.  Win My Train Fare Home
02.  Four Sticks
03.  Down to the Sea
04.  Morning Dew
05.  Funny In My Mind
06.  Going to California
07.  Hey Hey What Can I Do
08.  In The Mood

Disc 2
1.  House Is Not A Motel
2. Calling To You
3. Tall Cool One
4. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
5. Plant & Crowd, intro to Siren
6. Song To The Siren
7. Whole Lotta Love

Sony Cassette Corder TCS-470 dual stereo mic>
Nakamichi MR-2 2 Head Professional Cassette Deck>
Creative Audigy 2> SoundForge6.0> cdwave1.71

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