Hello once again all.

This announcement is for branch spots only on the Jimmy Page / Robert Plant Tokyo, Japan 2/13/96 tree.

Please do not reply to this email address. Instead, send an email to shark79@swbell.net with "Tokyo 96 Branch" in the subject line.

In the body of your message, answer the following:

1. First and Last name
2. Email Address
3. Location (City, State or Providence, Country)
4. Number of leaves you are willing to branch for
5. Extracing and burning software and/or hardware.

This is one of the first bootlegs that I got when I started collecting. I regret the fact that I purchased this one in a record store, but I did not understand trading, and did not know that you didn't have to have boots in order to get them. Therefore, in order to help a few newbies get started, you must be willing to accept blanks + postage for trade. Regular show for show  trading is obviously accepted as well. No profiting or exchange of currency in excess of postage is allowed.

Here is how you can trade with me. I will accept 3 blank TDK or Kodak media in trade (no postage) or I will also gladly accept regular trades. I am looking for Led Zeppelin, Page / Plant, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, and David Gilmour shows or unreleased stuido stuff. If you have a show that you think really stands out or is a must have let me know... I probably don't have it.

Your copy of Tokyo 96 will be on Kodak media unless I can't find it in Oklahoma City or TDK (non-spindled) media otherwise.

I have recieved nothing but positive feedback about treeing this show, and a lot of it I might add. So, there will be room for 10 master branches, and a much larger number of slave branches, depending on the number of leaves you are willing to burn for and the need for slave branches. There will only be 2 levels of branches followed by 1 level of leaves, in order to  keep this thing from running on for ever and ever. Also note that it is possible that not all master branches will be burning for sub branches. The first ten branches to apply will get the ten master branch spots.

Branch Sign-ups will be closed at 12:00 Noon (CST) Wednesday, November 15, 2000.

There is no artwork for this show. However, there is artwork on Project Ballentine for the set that this show was taken from. If anyone has the 2nd date of that set, let me know if you are willing to seed those two disks and I will make a part 2 to this tree, with open signup, probably in mid January 2001. All you would have to do is supply that seed and I will administer and make the copies. This is a 2 cdr show.  My copy says it is a soundboard recording. The show is titled "Can't Wait for the Bootleg" on the Massive Attack Disks label. There is very little audience noise and the sound is extremely clear.

 The bass level seems to be too low, but the upper and mid ranges sound very good.  Here's the setlist.

Disk One-

Thank You
Custard Pie
Black Dog
Hurdy Gurdy Solo
Gallows Pole
Tea for One
The Song Remains the Same
Going to California
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

Disk Two:

Whole Lotta Love Featuring:
        I'm a King Bee
        Break on Through
        Dazed and Confused
Four Sticks
What is and What Should Never Be
Rock & Roll

I have extracted the two disks using EAC 0.9 prebeta 7 at 1x on a HP 8200i CD-Writer Plus. I will be burning the disks at 2x using CDRWin on the same burner. After listening and comparing the original and .wav files, I have found that any noise is also on my original copy of this show. However, there is very little noise of any kind.

Remember I am open to flames, encouragement, constructive criticism, etc so let me know!

Once again remember to send your reply to shark79@swbell.net.

Look for tree structure in your inbox either sometime this weekend or the first of next week.


Simon Alexander

Edmond, OK US