*** Texas Led CD-R tree announcement ***
final announcement, this tree closes Monday 11/30/98.


This is the official announcement of the CD-R side of the Texas Led Tree.
This tree is in place of the previous Houston tree. This tree closes
November 30th 1998 There will two more announcements to the list after this
one as a reminder.

This tree will consist of the shows requiring 6 CD-R's.
The shows are Page & Plant in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio 1998

Houston and Dallas were recorded by Derek Olsen on DAT. We all owe him a
hearty thanks. San Antonio was generously supplied by Chris Milazzo. This is
also a DAT master. Thank you both for stepping forward to bring us all the
sources for a really great tree.

You must resign-up for this tree. Your sign-up for the previous Houston tree
is not valid. I have already received some new sign-up for this tree. You
will get a confirmation e-mail for me when you sign-up. If you have any
doubts as to your status on the tree e-mail me, I will let you know. All
future sign-ups will be confirmed by a return e-mail

To sign up please put Texas Led CD-R Branch or Texas Led CD-R Leaf in the
subject line. Put the following information in the body of you e-mail:

e-mail address
Geographic location
Branch or leaf

Send your sign-ups to zep@b...