This is going to be the Page/Plant '98 CDR tree.  The Zeppelin '69
tree will be run by Ron Del Ciello and will have a separate sign up.
Signing up for one CDR tree will NOT get you onto the other.  You gotta
sign up for both (which I wholeheartedly recommend, BTW).

The closing date for signups is January 31st.  Hopefully, this will
give everyone who is currently on vacation plenty of time to get
caught up on their email and  signed up.

The P/P '98 CDR tree consists of 2 shows.
The first is a newly surfaced SBD of P/P's recent show at the Great
Woods on 7-14-98. This show is sure to be a classic as it is the first SBD
of the recent US tour to see the light of day. The second is the infamous
Molsen secret gig show preformed on 10-30-98 provided by John Quigley. 
Thanks John!

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*************************THE SHOWS*******************************

7-14-98 Great Woods 
     The Wanton Song
     Bring It On Home
     Ramble On
     Walking Into Clarksdale
     No Quarter
     Shining In The Light
     Going To California
     Gallows Pole
     Heart In Your Hand
     Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
     How Many More Times/Season Of The Witch
     Most High
     Whole Lotta Love
     Thank You
     Rock And Roll

Great show, Jimmy sounds great on this recording, the audience is
muted but
to the extent as on the 2/13 & 2/15/96 Japan shows, only SBD from the tour
so far,  get it, Chester!

>From John Quigley:

Date: 10-30-98  University of London
Running Time: 110 minutes
Tape Reviewed: Dat Clone - Microphone info unknown.  VG to EX Quality.

Setlist:  Wanton Song/Bring it on home/Heartbreaker/Ramble on/Walking into
Clarksdale/No Quarter/WTWWY/Going to California/Tangerine/Gallows
Pole/Heart in Your Hand/Bigly/Hmmt’s w/ Boom Boom

Encores: Misty Mountain Hop/Trampled Underfoot/Night Flight/Rock n Roll

This gig was the result of a private party sponsered by Molsen Beer. 200
Lucky prize winners were flown in and joined by 25 UK prize winners. About
500 people were on hand to see the show, and the venue was described as a
High School Gymnasium!!!!

No intro music used tonight.  A few bars into “Wanton Song,” it becomes
apparant that Page and Plant aren’t too concerned with this gig!!  I mean
that in a good way, loose and uninhibited.  Plant constantly tries new
vocal arrangements and Page is so erratic, he gets lost at times (witness
the solo in Heartbreaker)  All this makes for a refreshing experience,
given the static nature of the 98 tour.  The recording provides great
atmosphere, the drums can be heard acoustically booming through the small
room.  In fact, the whole vibe reminds me of the recordings from their
Poole show back in ‘95 -  another small venue.  Plant adds some 32-20
blues references at the end of Going to California, and gets so fixated on
it, he repeats it ad nauseum for the remainder of the show!  BIGLY is a
mess. Plant disappears for a complete verse (God only knows where he
went!!) and even starts cracking up while singing the “good to have you
back” section!!
 Hmmt’s is it’s usual show stopping self, highlighted by a stomping
rendition of  John Lee Hookers “Boom Boom” 

But what makes this show special are the encores.  “Misty Mountain Hop”
gets it’s second Page/Plant airing, and although it is far superior to
versions Robert did with his solo band, the band sounds a little cautious.
“Trampled Underfoot” follows, and it sure is good to hear this one again..
And adequate version, but again it is a tentative effort.  The real
surprise comes next, in the first ever live version of “Night Flight.”
really like what they have done to the intro - big chords, some soloing,
and then they’re off.  Plant does an admirable job w/ a tough song (He
will do much better at Wembley)  “Rock n Roll”  brings proceedings to a

Although not a note perfect show by any means, it is great fun
and worth the price of admission for the encores alone.  If playing the
small venues inspires them to experiment and play so relaxed, maybe a
“Return to the Clubs ‘99” tour should be considered!!