I'm Treeing this Page/Plant (1988 - 1998) 3 CDR set.  The Tree will close
in two weeks the last day being Friday, April 30th.  This is for both
Leaves and Branches.

LEAFS can respond to this email or email me at hideitaway@sprynet.com 
with your name, location and email address.

BRANCHES, I have a few branches already (including UK and Australia) but
will be needing a few more.  If interested reply to this email. Or email
me at hideitaway@sprynet.com.  Include your name, mailing address and
email address.  I'll let you know one way or another whether we can use
another branch in your area.

This collection is not being made with the thought that Page/Plant's
career is over.  Far from it.  It just makes for a neat little package
covering approx. a ten year period and should fill alot of the gaps in
people's collections.  It is, more or less, a chronological history of
Page/Plant and features some of the more rare live songs etc...  Hopefully
we will have another ten years of Page/Plant(Jones?) albums and tours.

The following is the setlists for the first two discs...THE THIRD DISC IS
NOT YET COMPLETED but it will be done by the time the Tree has closed. 
Each disc runs approx 73.5 minutes.

JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANT  (1988 - 1998)  Disc One:

HEAVEN KNOWS (PLANT SOLO, Page guitar solo, 1988) 04:05
THE ONLY ONE (PAGE SOLO, Plant vocals, 1988) 04:26
TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT (London, 4/17/88) 06:42
MISTY MOUNTAIN HOP (London, 4/17/88) 05:54
GAMBLERS BLUES MEDLEY (London, 4/17/88) 14:38
ROCK AND ROLL (London, 4/17/88) 03:57
MISTY MOUNTAIN HOP (Knebworth, 6/30/90) 04:14
WEARING AND TEARING (Knebworth, 6/30/90) 06:03
ROCK AND ROLL (Knebworth, 6/30/90) 03:57
BABY PLEASE DON'T GO (Buxton, 4/23/94) 02:25
I CAN'T QUIT YOU (Buxton, 4/23/94) 07:03
I'VE BEEN DOWN SO LONG (Buxton, 4/23/94) 02:59
THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOU (Buxton, 4/23/94) 02:49
THE TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN' (Buxton, 4/23/94) 04:13

JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANT  (1988 - 1998)  Disc Two:

GALLOWS POLE (Jools Holland Show, 11/8/94) 04:24
WONDERFUL ONE (Jools Holland Show, 11/8/94) 04:54
FOUR STICKS (Jools Holland Show, 11/8/94) 05:31
STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (Japan T.V. 11/10/94) 03:01
BLACK DOG (Denton Show, 11/16/94) 04:07
SUN ARISE (Denton Show, 11/16/94) 01:53
WHAT IS AND WHAT SHOULD NEVER BE (Gallows Pole, CD Single)  05:11
THE RAIN SONG (Gallows Pole, CD Single) 07:36
WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS (Wonderful One, CD Single) 04:22
ACHILLES LAST STAND  (2/28/95) 09:58
TEN YEARS GONE (2/15/96) 07:06
TEA FOR ONE (2/17/96) 11:22


Michael S.