This is the BRANCH ONLY announcement for the first portion (3-31-95 Palace
Of Auburn Hills)  of the Triple threat Page and Plant CDR tree.

The first portion to be treed will be
3-31-95 Palace Of Auburn Hills (Sony 959>D3 Dat M>Dat>Cdr)
For those of you interested this was the show where that jackass kid tried
to knife Jimmy and was arrested.  Page also gets this amazing ovation for
his solo during In the Evening which was most likely inspired by the devil
and probably when the guy tried to be a ninja and assassinate poor Pagey.

The structure will be posted quickly after the closing of each so we can
bang these out. Be sure to sign up quick. I am a flexible person, but in
this situation "you snooze,
you loose".  This tree will close on

To sign up, send an E-mail to

Include in the subject line either Auburn Branch or Auburn Leaf depending on
what you want to be. This is important!  You dont want you message ending up
in my porno folder or something.

Include your name, e-mail address and geographic location
Example:    Jon Doe    California USA

 If you wish to be a branch please read the following:

Most branches need to handle between 4-5 leaves.  I will try to set up
everyone according to geography, but branches should be prepared to deal out
of the area.

You will be expected to burn perfect copies. EAC with the correct offset
value set is a must.   (EAC and CDRWin preferred). You might want to mention
your burner and software specs just to be cool.
 There will be a cute little generational info card sent with your discs.
Please xerox this for the leaves.

Also, you must have access to quality CDR media. Example- Kodak, TDK and
Sony. Any other cdr media will not be allowed unless it is worked out with
your branch.  No Crackerjack prize blank media OK! :)

I want everyone smiling and having fun.

If you have any questions or comments please email the signup email address
with the word "Auburn question" in the subject line