Ok folks! Here's the announcement for the much requested final Priory gig at Wolverhampton. This is dedicated to some talented musicians (and Robert too ;-)) who "were" Priory. Kevyn, Tim, Paul & Andy gave us some fine shows over the past year and a half. We salute you for all your enthusiasm and hard work.

Many thanks goes to our UK friend for this lovely DAT source. Special thanks to Jools for the most high artwork which will be posted in the Solo section of Ballentine. (http://www.barbero.net/Pb)

Seeds donated by ~bluidmerl. :)

Tree administered by Jim Canale

Priory of Brion-

Dancing With Wolves Tree

Wilfrun Hall, Wolverhampton

December 21, 2000

DAT source

This show has a nice bottom end is clear and up front with some decent acoustics in the hall. For a review and some nice pics by Jools please point your browser to: http://www.linwood.demon.co.uk/rp211200.html Set list is as follows:

Disc 1:

A House Is Not A Motel / Lazy Me / Bummer In The Summer / Bluebird / As Long As I Have You (including Houses Of The Holy and Break On Through) / If I Were A Carpenter / Darkness Darkness / Flames

Disc 2:

Hey Joe / Chevrolet / GLORIA / Baby Please Don't Go

Encore - Season Of The Witch / If 6 was 9 /(band intro)--> Thank You / Song To The Siren

2nd encore - We're Gonna Groove


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