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At your requests (there were many) this is the Branch sign-up portion ONLY of the "No Time For Anoraks" PoB Tree. If interested read on, If you are an anorak please delete now...

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The material for this one will consist of 2 nice DAT sources from recent Priory of Brion gigs.

Both sources 2 discs each.

Please refer to TBL for reviews and pics (http://www.linwood.demon.co.uk/rp2000.html) Read below for venues and set lists:

May 26th 00' Tewkesbury-The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

M DAT>CDR (2 discs)

Set list:

Disc 1

Morrocan Intro/ A House is Not a Motel / Lazy Me / Bummer in the Summer / Bluebird / If I Were a Carpenter / Darkness Darkness / Think 

Disc 2

Early in the Morning / We're Gonna Groove / Baby Please Don't Go/ Encores: Season of the Witch / As Long as I Have You /Gloria / Runaround Sue (tease)-Trouble in Mind.

The Roses Theater created some nice ambiance for this one with it' s plush carpeting and seats, although many were disappointed to have to stay seated during the show. :) Includes some different covers from my PoB 99' tree like Moby Grape's "Lazy Me" and Buffalo Springfield's "Bluebird" written by Stephen Stills . 

Rob steps out and ventures into some Zep lyrics, during "Gloria" with a few lines from "HOTH". Nice gig with a very excellent low end and Priory upfront and clean. SQ of 9/9+ 

June 21st 00' Reading

The Hexagon- Reading

M DAT>CDR (2 discs)


Disc 1

Moroccan intro/Season of the Witch /A House is not a Motel /Lazy Me / Bummer In The Summer / Bluebird / If I Were a Carpenter / Darkness Darkness / Think/ Early In The Morning

Disc 2

We're Gonna Groove / Baby Please Don't Go/ Encores: Song To The Siren / Gloria/ As Long As I Have You /(Runaround Sue tease)Trouble In Mind 

Another nice venue the Hexgon provided for a relaxed Priory. The band is in good form, similar setlist as Tewkes. but different order. This one also finds a new cover song by Tim Buckely, "Song to the Siren". This one is worth the price of admission alone. Rob changes direction in the middle and goes into some middle eastern melodies. ALAIHY features the reggae stint of HOTH. Also, Robert pulls out a some decent guitar work during "Trouble". This man can actually play! 

Rob introduces Kevin with a Band of Joy story in which a certain Mr. Bonham became pissed when he had to play drums standing up. Something to do with not pushing the van in the ice and the side door falling off... ;) Guess Bonzo lost his stool??? Good show, nice SQ again, clear and upfront, very little aud. noise. Solid 9


This is a call for branches only, number of leafs will be determined by branches. There may be 2 levels depending upon responses. Branches will be required to accept 5 leafs and work out appropriate 1:1 or B&P swaps. Suggested CDR media includes Mitsui, Kodak and TDK of course. 

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Thanks goes out to the source for their fine job with the recordings, cheers to you mate... ;)


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