Robert Plant has been performing incognito in small
clubs around the UK with his band which includes former
Band of Joy member Kevyn Gammond. These shows are 
low key gigs with dates and venues discovered by word of 
mouth and small ads within local rags. Robert is enjoying himself
tremendously as these shows are intimate settings of only
300-500 people, sometimes less, and finds Robert in joking
moods and trading banter with his audience.

Setlists consist of some of Plant's personal favourites including 
covers of James Brown, Van Morrison, Ray Charles,
Love, Neil Young and more.

For reviews of these shows please check TBL "tour watch"

There will be a total of 4 discs consisting of the following dates:

10/31/99 Ashby Del La Zouch Folk Festival, Moira, Leicestershire 
11/13/99 Red Lion Folk Club- Kings Heath, Birmingham 
12/18/99 The Zodiac- Oxford (guest appearance by Tim Rose on 
"Morning Dew" from Band of Joy days in tribute to John

Setlist follows:

10/31 Ashby- Total Time: 74 min.

Season of the Witch/Morning Dew/A House is not a 
Motel/Southern Man/Girl From the North Country/If I Were a 
Carpenter/Darkness Darkness/Think/Early in the Morning/We're Gonna 
Groove/Baby Please Don't Go. Encore No Regrets/Gloria/Trouble in Mind

11/13- Red Lion- Total Time: 74 min. 

Morning Dew/A House is not a hotel/Waiting For My Man/Girl 
>From The North Country/If I Were A Carpenter/Darkness 
Darkness/Think/Early In The Morning/We're Gonna Groove/Baby Please Don't
Go/As Long As I Have You/Gloria. Encores No Regrets/Trouble In Mind. Total
Time: 74 minutes

12/18 Zodiac- Total Time: 100.26 min. (2 discs)

Season Of The Witch, A House Is Not A Motel, Bummer In The 
Summer, I'm Waiting For The Man, Girl From The North Country, If I Were A
Carpenter, Darkness Darkness, As Long As I Have You, Think, Early In The
Morning, We're Gonna Groove, Baby Please Don't Go Encores: Morning Dew, No
Regrets, Gloria, Santa Claus Is Back In Town 

These are DAT sourced recordings with the possible exception
of 10/31 which I was unable to pin down.(Could be MD sourced)
All shows are excellent upfront audience recordings with sound 
ratings that run from 9- to 9+.

Thanks go first to the UK tapers who have spent there time
and energy recording these gigs. Secondly to Tomislaw who
provided 2 out of 3 of the seeds and the rest who wish to remain
anonymous (you know who you are... hats off to ya') and all the
other traders who offered seeds for this tree.
It has been a pleasure trading with you.

Now for the sign-ups:

1. If you don't have clue what the hell a tree is please check this URL:

2. This tree will close one week from now on Feb 11th.
If you don't get in on time you'll have to find some adoptive
parents to take care of you. 

3. There will be 3 portions to this tree-
CDR, MD, and Analog Cassette(can you believe it?)
I will be administering the digital portions (CDR & MD) 
and to administer the analog portion...Ana M. (thanks for your help)

4. Concerning Branches: 
Typical stuff-
Branches will be required to handle 4-6 leaves depending on
the size of the tree.You must be able to burn CDR's with DAO
without disc errors to be a CDR branch. Consumer "Audio Only"
burners are discouraged from being a branch due to the costly
media your leafs would have to obtain (sorry). MD branches will be
sent seed discs that SCMS free. Analog branches must have decent
dubbing equiptment and high quality tapes such as Maxell XLll's are
recommended. Branches must be able to work out a fair trade with their
leafs in B&P's or straight up 1:1 trades. Please no bilking of blanks
or postage esp. to unsuspecting "newbies". Spread the music and keep
it legit. Any questions please direct to 

5. Artwork-
I'm looking for a creative person to make some cover art for
the Birmingham and Oxford shows. Ashby has already been
posted to Project Ballentine
( in the "solo" section.
(Thank you Mr. Tim) If you'd like to have a *free* advanced copy of
these shows and have the time to do some proper art for P.B. please
give me a shout.

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Enjoy the shows!
Any questions please direct to the Bluidmerl addy, singups go to pobtree
& madania.