Official Tree Announcement

A year in the Life...
Robert Plant, the voice of the Honeydrippers
June 3, 2000 & June 3, 2001

June 3, 2000 - DAT > CDR (my copy) 1 cdr
Venue: Munster Showgrounds, Cork, Ireland

Set List: A House Is Not A Motel/ Lazy Me/ Bummer In The Summer/ Bluebird/ If I Were A Carpenter/ Darkness Darkness/ Think/ As Long As I Have You/ We're Gonna Groove

June 3, 2001 2 cdr - DAT > cdr > cdr (my copy)
Venue: Massey Hall, Toronto

Set List: If Ever I Get Lucky/Morning Dew/In the Light/Season of the Witch/Darkness Darkness/Hey Joe/Four Sticks/ 7+7 is/Babe I'm Gonna Leave You/ Bummer in the Summer/Misty Mountain Hop
Encore #1: House is Not a Motel/Whole Lotta Love
Encore #2: Song from the Siren


This tree is and will be made available to Zepephile members.
Sign ups will be until Oct. 24, 2001, so if you know anyone on another group that wants to get in on this one..... send them here.