Calling all Leafs......

The following is a DVD-A tree announcement – leafs.

The following shows have all been professionally re-mixed and re-
mastered. They contain the most complete set lists that are
available (and in a few, cases for the first time).
The shows have all been put on 1 DVD and can be converted to CDR or
in whatever format you want to arrange with your branch.
June 24, 1985 Reunion Arena, Dallas
Disc 1 -In The Mood/Pledge Pin /Little By Little/Fat Lip/Burning
Down One Side/Too Loud/Slow Dancer
Disc 2 -Rockin At Midnight/Young Boy Blues/Mellow Saxophone/ Sea Of
Love/Big Log/Easily Lead

Feb 3, 1988 – The Marquee, London, England
Disc 1-Little by Little/Other Arms/Billy's Revenge/In The
Evening/Big Log/Messin' with the Mekon
Disc 2- Heaven Knows/Dimples/Trampled Underfoot/Tall Cool One /Misty
Mountain Hop/Break On Through

June 30, 1990 Knebworth Silver Clef Festival
Disc 1 - Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You)/Immigrant Song/Tie
Dye On The Highway/Liars Dance/Going To California/Nirvana/Tall Cool
One/Misty Mountain Hop/Wearing And Tearing/Rock And Roll

Nov 1, 1990 – Los Angeles, CA
Disc 1 - Watching You/Nobody's Fault But Mine/Billy's Revenge/Tie
Dye on the Highway/ Anniversary In the Mood//Liars Dance/Going to
Disc 2 - Little By Little/Nirvana/Immigrant Song/Hurting Kind// Ship
of Fools/Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)/Tall Cool One

This is the first call for DVD leafs
Please e-mail me with the following information
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