First call for branches and leafs for the following:

  Robert Plant and the Big Town Playboys, recorded at Leeds
  March 12, 1986.
  This show was originally recorded on a hand held Sony Camcorder
  has been converted to cd. Editing to the show was done with Cool
  Edit to remove clicks pops and 'gaps'.

  This is a 1 cd show and I would rate it at a 8 out of 10 audience

  The disc has the followong setlist.

  She Walks Right In # 1
  The Wooble
  Come On
  Need Your Love So bad
  Mellow Saxaphone
  Lonoey Avenue
  Rockin' at Midnight
  Honey Hush
  She Walks Rigth In #2
  So Many Roads

  Bonus ... NEC Birmingham
  She Walks Rigth In
  Rock With Me baby
  Mellow Saxaphone

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  Subject line : March 12, 1986

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