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Robert Plant Tree Announcement:

Robert Plant Hammersmith Odeon, London June 5th 1990

1st generation audio transfer to cdr by myself. 

The quality of this show is excellent for a cassette recorded show back in 1990. The show does have some tape hiss, but not excessive. The show is very clean and up front, it does lack a little on the bottom end, but the high end is excellent. The show does have some fade outs and fade ins from where the tape switched sides during the recording process.

Tree Administered By: Ben Bowen

The artwork will be posted at eventually.

Right now the artwork is available at in the files section or by emailing me at the account.


1. Watching You 4:13

2. Nobody's Fault But Mine 4:21

3. Heaven Knows 5:41

4. Tie Dye On The Highway 7:00

5. Dance On My Own 5:23

6. In The Mood 11:26

7. No Quarter 8:20

8. Liars Dance 4:45

9. Black Country Woman 4:29

10. Nirvana 5:46

11. Billy's Revenge 6:22

12. Immigrant Song 4:09


1. Tall Cool One 6:26

2. Big Log 8:50

3. Misty Mountain Hop 7:17

4. Going To California 4:35

5. Hurting Kind 6:50

6. Communication Breakdown 4:36

If interested please follow the following instructions. 

1. Please email me at Please do not email me at my @home account, as I will ignore it and you will not get added to the tree. 

2. Add "Plant tree" to the subject line along with "branch" or "leaf".

3. In the body of the message fill in your name and address using the following format.




City, State, Zip


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4. Specify whether you wish to be a leaf or a branch. (Please understand that the number of leafs and trees will be dictated by the number of people signing up. Realistically not everyone wanting to be a leaf will get to, this will be based on many factors such as location, equipment, etc.) 

I am taking both leaf and tree information now. The deadline for the signup is May 19th 2001. Absolutely no late exceptions will be allowed.  

If you wish to be a branch please add the following detailed information on your setup.  

5. Your burner and software specs. You will be expected to burn perfect copies and to rip the source in secure mode. (EAC and CDRWin preferred). Further specify whether you have the offset correction value set in EAC, and if you do, specify what value you have set. 

Error recovery in EAC must be set to high. 

6. Also, you must have access to quality CDR media. Example- Kodak, TDK and Sony. Any other cdr media will not be allowed. I know the following brands are highly rated, and I'm not going to make judgment calls on brands I have never heard of before or do not know the reliability of.

You will receive a notification when your request has been processed.

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