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Lets see what come out of the woodwork.

Plant Calgary Dec 5, 1988 Calgary, Alberta 2 cdr

Disc 1:
Other Arms
Billy's Revenge
In the Light
Dance on My Own
In the Mood
Going to California
Big Log

Disc 2:
Ship of Fools
Trampled Underfoot
Heaven Knows
Immigrant Song

This disc is supposedly from the original tape of the concert. This is a rare concert find, in that the show was supposedly not recorded and the lack of 'Tall Cool One ' in exchange for 'Immigrant Song'. This is a good (not the greatest, I have heard worse an example would be to listen to the last Led Zep in Australia tree) audience recording. No details are available on the transfer method onto CDR or exactly what equipment was used to record this show (I know that if this were on other Zep list, maybe I should even offer it.... because its not Zep and I don't have a diary of the person who recorded it) but it is a rare show and any Plant fan would definitely enjoy it.