Tree Announcement - Tree 1 – July 11, 2003 – For Branches
(Special thanks to M. Stark for the seed)

Robert Plant & Strange Sensations
July 11, 2003
Festa Di Liberazione , Mada Palace, Milan Italy

Disc 1
If I Ever Get Lucky
Four Sticks
Morning Dew
7 And 7 Is
Going To California
Girl From The North Country
Gallow's Pole
Hey Joe
What Is And What Should Never Be
A House Is Not A Motel
Ramble On
Tall Cool One

Disc 2
Darkness Darkness
Whole Lotta Love

Here is the review:
A hot evening, very steamy. No air conditioner inside the Mazda
Palace, and you could see Percy and the band suffering from it. In
the audience, sightings of polite English zepheads alongside quiet
families and many stoned fans who tried the pogo even during Going
To California and Darkness, Darkness! The concert was accordingly
tighter, rockier and more nervous than that in the sweet atmosphere
of Conegliano: check out the fantastic Four Sticks (one of the great
underrated Zep songs) and What Is And What Should Never Be, or the
garage punk of Loves Seven And Seven Is and A House Is Not A Motel
for evidence. During If I Ever Get Lucky Percy sings lines from
Elvis That's Allright. This, and the fact that Robert performs no
songs after 1971 (his favorite covers plus material from the first
four Zep albums), except for a great rocknroll rendition of 1988s
Tall Cool One, all hint at a sort of back to the roots tour. Robert
introduces Dylans Girl From The North Country as a song from the
king of troubadours, and for Whole Lotta Love suggests to go
searching the blues deep down in the South of Mississippi. Not a
difficult task, given the temperature and the voracious mosquitoes
waiting outside the Palace! Great as usual the softest side of the
gig, with the tender Morning Dew and Going To California, and the
unique light and shade of Gallows Pole, 'Ramble On, and the
unbelievably spine-chilling Hey Joe. An instrumental version of
Celebration Day was performed during the sound check. Hey, and there
are rumors inside the band of a Best of Roberts solo work, and of a
new album of Plant and Strange Sensation!

Since I will be administering 7 trees, following instructions will
be of utmost importance. The first request is for Branches:

So here goes …..
These are the instructions for Branches

1 – Do not (I repeat "do not") copy and paste this e-mail
2 – In the subject line: Tree 1 – July 11, 2003 - Branch
3 – Send me the following information
      Equipment & Burning Software:
      How many Leafs: 

Since everyone cannot be a branch, I will notify those individuals
that I have chosen (please note this is not on a first come first
serve basis).