This is the first announcement of this tree. The tree will close on December 2 at 23:59 CNT time. I will make a second announcement before the tree closes. Here is a description of the show provided by the taper. 

"Hots on for Pittsburgh" 6/28/00

I'm treeing this show as a sincere Thanks to all who have provided the seeds and branched in the many wonderful Led Zeppelin trees of the past two years. My personal collection has benefited greatly. Recorded at the Post-Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake (just west of Pittsburgh) on a beautiful summer night. I believe this was the first show that they performed "Hots on for Nowhere" and you can imagine what a surprise that was. This show was recorded from the first row on the lawn -dead center. It is 100% complete and unedited. Sound Quality rates a 10. 

Equipment: Sound Professionals Audio-Technica Hypercardiod mics into a Sony MZ-R30 Minidisc recorder. Digital-Optical transfer from master discs onto a MAC G-3 hard drive. Mastered using Peak and T-Racks software. Burned onto cd using Adaptec Jam software. This recording is pure digital, it has never entered the analog world.

Artwork can be obtained directly from me at and will also be posted to Project Ballentine.

In the subject line type " good page artwork" or "best page artwork". The "good" will be around a 1 meg jpeg file and the "best" will be about a 2 meg jpeg file. 

Disc One:

1) Celebration Day
2) Wanton Song
3) Misty Mountain Hop
4) Hots on for Nowhere
5) No Speak No Slave
6) Sick Again
7) What Is and What Shall Never Be
8) Gone
9) Oh Well
10) Ten Years Gone
11) In My Time of Dying
12) Your Time Is Gonna Come

Disc Two:

1) Remedy
2) Lemon Song
3) In The Light
4) Shapes of Things
5) Nobody's Fault But Mine
6) Heartbreaker
7) Bring It On Home
8) She Talks To Angels
9) Out On The Tiles
10) Whole Lotta Love

Also, To those of you who get off on lighting fireworks at concerts- Fu<k You, Stay Home !! How disrespectful to the musicians. And guys, if you have to drag your girlfriends to shows that they're not into - It's your responsibility to tell them to shut the hell up while the bands playing.

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I would like to thanks Chris and the taper for providing the show to me and the rest of the FBO group. I would rate the show a strong 9.