OK here we go everyone.


Today I recieved the Page/Crowes Jones Beach 7-10-00 show in the mail, and was blown away :D

This is an *almost* complete soundboard source which I'd rate a  solid 9 (10 being LATG, the only true 10 I think I've ever heard, even for commercially released albums!).

There is some pops and clicking, but these are present even on the master. The pops/clicks aren't too bad, and pop up only in a few places; needless to say, if I felt that they were so distracting for listening for these discs to be not worth it, I wouldn't be treeing it.

I have been assured by my source from which I recieved these that my discs are direct clones of the master=>CDR.

If anyone wants to whip up some spiffy artwork for this, lemme  know. If nobody volunteers for it, I'll whip up my own, but I'm not really the best at that.

In particular, if anybody has any ticket stubs / photos from the Jones Beach Show, send scans of em to me, and I'll send em to  anyone that volunteers to do the artwork.

The setlist is as follows:


Celebration Day (About the last 1/4 of it)
Wanton Song
Misty Mountain Hop
Hots On For Nowhere
No Speak No (****'n) Slave
Sick Again
What Is And What Should Never Be
Oh Well
Ten Years Gone
In My Time Of Dying


Your Time Is Gonna Come
The Lemon Song
In The Light (The first few minutes of it then the rest of it is cut)
Bring It On Home
She Talks to Angels
Out On The Tiles/Whole Lotta Love

Very very awesome show, and that's why I'm sharing it with y'all :)

Send signups to: strat1@inreach.com

In the subject put: "P/BC 7-10 TREE (leaf or branch)"

For those of you new to trees, if you sign up as a leaf, all you have to do is send the branch that you are assigned to blanks+postage, and they send you the show in return. If you sign up as a branch, that means you are able and willing to make perfect CDR copies (DAO, of course!) for anywhere from 3-8 people.

Signups will end 10:30 Pacific Time, Tuesday, December 26, 2000, cuz thats when I usually hit the sack.

Keep Rockin,