Ok this tree is for the Crowe's/Page Show from Chicago, an excellent remastered audience recording donated by Sharky from the blackcrowescdr egroup. I will take signups till  Wednesday October 18th, with the Structure to follow on Thursday the 19th. For you newbe's who want to be involved if you have nothing to trade you can trade blanks and postage to you branch. Branches make sure your equipped to burn DAO disk-at-once copies (no spaces in between songs) and accept blanks as trade so everyone can be involved. This show spans two CDS and I have made artwork that I will email to the branches.   ____________________________________________________________ Signup Information please make the Subject line: Page/Crowe's Chicago tree Branch or Leaf   and include the following information in the body:   name -   e-mail address -   country/state -   leaf or branch -   if branch how many discs can/will you make -   if branch can/will you ship overseas - __________________________   Thanks   Dan