On The Waterfront

Page/Crowes 7-8-2000

On July 8th 2000, my friend and I saw Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes at the Blockbuster-Sony E-Center in Camden NJ. This was a great show….but what Page show isn't.

My friend recorded this show on minidisk and did all the conversions…the result is that I have a copy of the show Master>Cdr. I will tree this show under the name "On The Waterfront"

To sign up, send an E-mail to gunslngr45@yahoo.com

Include in the subject line either Waterfront Branch or Waterfront Leaf depending on what you want to be.

Include your name, e-mail address, mailing address (to be kept private). Branches should also include trade list/link and the number of leaves you can handle. I will try to set up everyone according to geography, but branches should be prepared to deal out of the area. Sign-ups will close on 1-31-01

Many thanks to my friend for this show…He likes to be known as the Audio Sniper these days, but I'll refer to him as Seamus. He did some good artwork for this show as well, which I believe he is posting to Project Ballentine.

The setlist for this show is:

Disc One:

1)Celebration Day

2)The Wanton Song

3)Misty Mountain Hop

4)Hots On For Nowhere

5)No Speak No Slave

6)Sick Again

7)What Is And What Should Never Be


9)Oh Well

10)Ten Years Gone

11)In My Time Of Dying

12)Your Time Is Gonna Come


Disc Two:

1)The Lemon Song

2)In The Light

3)Shape Of Things

4)Nobody's Fault But Mine


6)Bring It On Home

7)She Talks To Angels

8)Band Intros

9)Out On The Tiles

10)Whole Lotta Love