Hi folks,

   I've decided to tree a 2 disc set of Jimmy Page at Los Angeles,
California 10-7-88 . E-mail me if you want to be a branch . You have
untill next Tuesday 2-26-01 to sign up as a branch .The week starting
that Tuesday 2-26-01 I'll do sign-ups for the leafs for a week also.

    For Artwork, setlist, and info, go to "files" section and you'll
find it there under "Bustin' Strings In L.A." . Oh! how did I come up
with that name ? Jimmy seems to break quite a few strings during the
show, I like this show a little bit better than the San Diego show of
10-8-88 which I tree'd a few months ago.

    Basically I took a 2 GEN. tape which, was the lowest generation I
could get a hold of and engineer it to cdr . If you liked "Outrider"
tour I'm sure you'll like this show.

Happy trading,