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Jimmy Page/Black Crowes 10/12/99 Soundboard

Hello all this is the first announcement of this tree. This tree will close
April 23rd.
The sound quality is very good with no digital noise problems. It is a
typical soundboard with little
or no audience noise. The mix on this source is not the greatest with some
instruments getting buried.
It does not have the muddy sound that is present in the audience sources. It
is not as muddy as it
really sounded in the house that night, for those of you who attended. The
soundboard tape was
edited at some point so there is some fade in and out between songs. All in
all a nice tape....

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   Disk I
Celebration Day
Custard Pie
Sick Again
No Speak No Slave
Wiser Time
What Is & What Should Never Be
Shake Your Money Maker
Ten Years Gone
In My Time of Dying
Your Time Is Gonna Come

Disk II
Lemon Song
Sloppy Drunk
Oh Well
Shapes of Things
    - Encores -
Hey Hey What Can I Do
Hard to Handle
Out on the Tiles >
Whole Lotta Love

Artwork will be available on Project Ballantine. I would like to thank Ron
for supplying the seed for this tree and doing the artwork.