It is my pleasure to be able to help provide
Led Zeppelin fans with this new tape. NOBODY
has this source- it was supplied to me by the
taper himself (a member of FBO).

This is the first announcement for the CDR
tree of Led Zeppelin June 11, 1977 from
Madison Square Garden, New York.

This is a never before heard or traded source,
copied directly from the master tape!  It is 
easily the best sounding 1977 New York tape source.
The sound is comparable to 4-28-77, from Cleveland.
(sometimes known as Destroyer 2).
The highlight of the tape is an amazing rendition
of No Quarter. The source runs from the beginning,
to Kashmir (total of 126 minutes). After this
point, a malfunction with the recorder prevented
the taper from continuing.The taper changed batteries
and flipped the tape during No Quarter, as a result
there is maybe 20 seconds lost in the middle.
Even though it is only 126 minutes, it will require 
3 cds, since NQ ends 77 minutes into the concert.

The setlist:
cd1 44:44
The Song Remains The Same 6:28
The Rover/Sick Again 6:46
Nobody's Fault But Mine 8:46
In My Time Of Dying 12:41
Since I've Been Loving You 10:04

cd2 43:56
No Quarter 32:39
Ten Years Gone 11:17

cd3 37:22
The Battle Of Evermore 8:16
Going To California 5:42
Black Country Woman 2:47
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 5:26
White Summer/Black Mountainside 8:40
Kashmir(cut) 6:31

To sign up as a branch, please email me
with the subject line: 1977 MSG branch
*your full name
*your email address (typed into the email)
*your geographic location (Country,Province,State)
*number of leafs you can burn for (minimum is 3)
>>>you must be able to support DiskAtOnce recording<<<

To sign up as a leaf, please email me
with the subject line: 1977 MSG leaf
*your full name
*your email address (typed into the email)
*your geographic location (Country,Province,State)

you will get a confirmation that you are signed up.
(I am out of town until July 9, so no confirmations
will be sent out until Friday or Saturday).
Note- please follow instructions for signup- if info
is missing, you will NOT be signed up for the tree.
Also- if we run short on branches, leafs will be
assigned in the order they arrive. Late leafs will
be dropped if there is not enough room.

There will be a DAT portion of this tree posted
in the near future.

also- if anyone knows where to find pictures from this
show, or any MSG 1977 show, please let me know.
It will help in the creation of artwork.

Tree closes July 19th.

Ron.....the cheeb

"Sometimes I miss the gold, most times I miss my home......
that's where I'd go.......if I knew which way was home "
Tommy Bolin