I was going to do this on the anniversary of the show, but better late than
never I guess.

This is a *branch only* announcement for an *SHN* tree of  the complete
audience source of Madison Square Garden 7-29-73. This tree will be sourced
from a copy that is 2nd gen from the master.

I am inviting prospective branches who are equipped to copy .shn files to
sign up immediately. To make things faster I will need a person with a cable
or similar connection that will act as the seed.  Super/main branches, will
be copying SHN>SHN for the branches. Branches, you will in most cases be
uncompressing SHN and burning audio for your leaves. This is my first SHN
tree so any help would be appreciated.

If you want to be a leaf, please do not sign up at this time. The leaf
announcement will follow in due course.

Part I--Show Details and Comments
I am a hardcore audience source junkie and think the audience
tape presents the band in a more powerful way than the soundboards.
I ran the Bedtime for Bonzo tree and it seemed to me people really dug that
audience source so I am hoping this MSG 7-79-73 show might do the same and
change some minds about the Graden shows.
  It is amazing to listen to the contrast between the two sources,
especially in the SF portion of Dazed. It is like night and day. Plant's
voice especially benefits and just soars over the group which makes the show
sound like one of the 1972 Zeppelin marathons.
This is by far the best night of the 73 Garden shows.  During the first
few songs Plant is warming up and we all know how that sounds. However
SIBLY is were things get hot!  I think that speedy Page intro from the movie
from this night. Even Stairway was impressive with a great Page solo and
Plant doing a powerful vocal ending.  As always WLL stole the show and
Bonham pounds for about 5 minutes while the fire dancer does his thing.

All the best parts of the movie are from this show.  The soundboard out
there on the Firepower label just sounds awful as do the other boots from
the MSG stint.  The audience source quality is not the best in the world,
however it is
clear and enjoyable. It maybe a 4-6 on the
before-Godwin-sold-his-soul-to-Zepfest- scale. I like it better than my
Oakland 70 boot which I am listening to right now.

I must give a big thank you to Derek Olson for providing the source and