A very generous "Thank You" is in order to Henry R. for this new source. 

Much obliged for sharing the music freely and allowing the fans to indulge themselves at the cost of blanks and postage. We appreciate your time and generosity very much.

This has never been released on any bootleg label.

Led Zeppelin- Newcastle City Hall, England, November 11 1971. It was the first date of the UK Winter Tour to promote the release of the fourth album, which would be released within a few days of this show. The discs are from the best source available, supplied by the actual taper. The master tape was tried but could not be used due to deteriation. Fortunately the taper made a copy before the master was unusable. There has been no processing or editing in the transfer. This is a straight digital copy of the original 1st. gen.

2 Discs-

Tracks are as follows:

Immigrant Song/Heartbreaker/Black Dog/Since I've Been Loving You/Rock & Roll/Stairway To Heaven/That's The Way/Going To California/Tangerine/*Dazed & Confused/*What Is & What Should Never Be/*Celebration Day

The show is described as a very good audience recording & is uncirculated in this quality and length. A shorter, lower quality segment was previously available as "Teddy Bears Picnic" (unknown label) first released in January of '99 (?). As you can see there are 3 additional songs including D&C on this new source that were not released with TBP.  The final segment of the show - Whole Lotta Love & Communication Breakdown was recorded by the taper but unfortunately as been lost through the years. :(


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