This is the first announcement.

This show is the recently-unearthed 9-19-70 Evening Show, titled by the
taper "One More For The Road," or alternately "Am I Standing On Your Foot?"

This show was taped from the 3rd Row Center at Madison Square Garden, New
York City, at the second of two shows on that day, which happened to be not
only the last day of the 70 tour, but very shortly after the death of Jimi
Hendrix, which Robert makes mention of on the first disc.

There are also several numbers rarely played by Zeppelin, as well as several
numbers played before their albums were released.  General consensus of
those who have heard the show is that the performance is scorching and that
the sound quality is Very Good to Good.

Lineage of the Seed:

Bell and Howell mono cassette > Sony 252 (taper thinks) open reel >
SoundForge > CD > SHN > BitTorrent > MKW Audio Compressor > WAV > CD
Architect (no effects - mastering only) > CDR


Disc 1:

1. Introduction

2. The Immigrant Song

3. Heartbreaker

4. Dazed And Confused

5. Bring It On Home

6. Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (Spoken - Robert Plant)

7. That's The Way

8. Bron-y-Aur (Jimmy Page)

9. Since I've Been Loving You

10 Organ Solo (John Paul Jones - Hammond Organ)

11 Thank You

Disc 2:

1. What Is And What Should Never Be

2. Moby Dick (John Bonham)

3. Whole Lotta Love (Medley)

     Dust My Broom

     Bottle Up 'n Go

     Lawdy Miss Claudy

     Cinnamon Girl

     Some Other Guy

     Train Kept a Rolling

     I'm a King Bee

     Baby Don't You Want Me To Go

     CC Rider

4. Out On The Tiles

5. Communication Breakdown (Medley)

6.   Gallows Pole

7.   The Girl Can't Help It/20 Flight Rock

8. How Many More Times


     No Money Down

     Blueberry Hill

Numbers indicate Track Indexes - indentions show where songs were played as
parts of medleys.  Note that the taper indexed Gallows Pole and The Girl Can
't Help It - these are rarities, as Gallows Pole is on the unreleased Led
Zeppelin III, and The Girl Can't Help It/20 Flight Rock is an oldies rarity
that may never have appeared in any other Zeppelin show.



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