Hi Badgeholders.

This is an announcement of a European branch of the 6 DVD MP3 project.

This is a call to sign-up for the European branch, and a separate US
branch will shortly be announced separately.

You will need to be able to burn DVD's, and I hope that enough branches
will sign up to enable the number of leafs to be kept to no more than 4
per branch (which would mean burning 24 DVD's).

The DVD's are kindly being supplied by Duncan Watson.
More information of the content of the DVD's can be found at ;


To sign-up for the European branch, send an E-Mail to

With the subject line '6DVD MP3 Project', and the following information
separated by commas ;

Name, Country, E-Mail Address, Branch/Leaf

Ian Avey, UK, avey@amicomp.demon.co.uk, Branch

This is the first and only announcement of the European branch of the
tree. Please sign up by Saturday 25th September, and I will post the
structure soon after.  This is the first time I have organised a tree,
but will do my best to make sure it runs smoothly.