Well people it's on!

This is the first announcement prior to the trees closure on 25 Feb
2000, then structure posted soon after.

I believe this is a land mark event in the domain that is Led Zeppelin
ROIO trading.

Follow the link: http://www.inthelight.co.nz/Bootleg/mp3project.htm to
get an understanding of what Duncan Watson has gone through to provide
the seed discs for this tree.

Well done Duncan!!

First and foremost, everyone must understand that this tree, all 42
(approximate) discs of it, is made up of MP3 encoded music. As such I
implore you not to be tempted to decode the individual sets and trade
them as legitimate Wav copies of known boots or master source tapes.

People could use these MP3's as a sort of preview so that they could
target the boots they want to collect based on what the MP3's sound
like. Yes MP3's are a lossy form of compression but it would be a good
indication of what to expect when trading for the real thing. They could
be used in lieu of your precious original boots at parties and such

I also intend setting the trade rules so that people can trade:

1. B & P,
2. Blanks and the equivalent of postage in blanks, or
3. One disc of music (MP3)for one disc of music (Wav).
4. Strictly no 2:1

Although on some discs there will be up to 12 shows, it would be grossly
unfair to call for 12 discs as trade because what the person ends up
from this tree is music in a format that is not considered tradeable if
one was to convert it to Wav and attempt to trade it as a legit copy of
a boot. basically it's disc for disc, if the person you trade with is
willing to copy something for you in appreciation then so be it.

There will be scope for traders to horse trade at their own level if
they so desire but I will take a dim view of anyone badgering for more
than what is fair.

Note that this tree doesn't have to worry about EAC, DAO copying, etc.
Any CD copier should work fine, so that should cut out a lot of problems
some branches have experienced in the past.

The first part of the tree will consist of three discs in the order
given below (directory listings):

LZ_1969_001 (634 MB)

LZ_1969_002 (617 MB)
\1969-03-14-Kicks Stockholm
\1969-04-26-Winterland - both sets
\1969-06-16-Aolian Hall

LZ_1969_003 (643 MB)

The rest of this tree would carry on in the following manner:

1970     4 disks
1971     3 disks
1972     4 disks
1973     7 disks (estimated)
1975     6 disks (estimated)
1977     7 disks (estimated)
1979/80  4 disks (estimated)

So I need Branches and leaves to email me with the following info:


Number of leaves willing to burn for:
Email address:


Email address:

The main reason we have broken the tree into sections is to allow
traders to sign on for sections that they are interested in and others
who may not be capable of funding 40 odd blanks in one hit.

Once the seeds are available for the second and subsequent sections I
will be calling for branches and leaves anew, so you will have to sign
up for each section.

So go to it, do not mail any attachments with your sign ups.

Let's Rock,


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Have a browse and get back to me if you'd like to trade