Since I'm a sucker for the artform produced by Led Zeppelin, I'd thought I'd
roll out a Tree in the middle of doing 4 leaves worth of that great tome of
work, FTLOFBO!

So here goes. The following is an amalgamation of emails that forms the
history behind this Tree and how Wayne Catalde sourced the tapes for
Winston's remastering

The tapes used came from a member of the LZtrees group, Wayne Catalde. Now
the majority of the set has a gen history of: Mike Millard Master=> Maxell
XLII C-90s=>1st gen not marked=>CDR.
Andy also used an alt source to fill in the TYG cut. It was taken from a DAT
that had the complete alt TYG source, Andy can confirm it is from the
6/21/77 night.
No problem.. Andy told Wayne that alot of people will think he just ripped
off Genuine Masters. These are totally different than the Master>VHS source
GM used.
Andy and Wayne both did some research and both felt that Waynes tapes held
the best sounding version of this great show so with that in
mind Wayne wanted to get it out to the fans.

The person Wayne got the tapes from worked at a tape outlet that Millard
bought his supplies from. I guess they made a deal, Free blank tapes for
Millards recordings. I have worked with alot of Millard low gens, Mike
always marked them in some way..  these have not been marked.

I transfered the Cassettes using a Nakamichi BX300 into my computer using a
ECHO MIA soundcard and Samplitude 7 Professional.  I cleaned them up using
Sound Forge 6 and Enhanced them using Samplitude. They were transfered and
remastered @ 44100 hz at 24bit.

I also used an alt source to fill in the TYG cut. The person that lent me
that wants to remain anonymous.
We elected to stay away from the "LTTE" titles and would like to keep it to
"Mike the Mike tribute series" with full credit going to Wayne.

From what Wayne was told when the show was given to him in the mid 80's is
that these tapes are first generation taken right from Mike's master.

So you must go to the LZ_Trees Yahoo group: and sign up if you aren't
already a member.
Once there click on the Databse link on the left of the page, seek out the
Forum table and add your details. There are a couple of examples on what is
required of you when you fill it out.

Artwork can be found in the 'Files' section.

All methods of distribution are catered for as per my previous Trees.

I'll leave this run for 14 days hence.

A call to arms: I would like 2-3 European Branches and 4-6 USA Branches to
contact me after signing on if they wish to act as Seeders to help
distribute this. Once you are comitted I can get your discs to you to avoid
delays once the structure is posted.

Also if the Led Zeppelin group is still going can someone post this there
too, please!

Well hopefully that covers it, enjoy everybody.

Les. :)