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Led Zeppelin
Great Western Forum
Inglewood, CA
August 21, 1971

"Meltin' The Forum"

Taper: Dave Melton, Southern California Blues Guitarist

AUD>Norelco Portable Cassette Recorder w/ adjustable recording
levels>MCass>PC Soundcard>CD-R>
    EAC (read offset correction, secure mode, test &
    SF6(tracking and 3 instances of clipping smoothed out)>SHNTool(SBE's

Disc 1 (56:40.55)

01 Crowd noise & tunings (01:15.64)
02 Immigrant Song (04:02.42)
03 Heartbreaker (07:07.66)
04 Since I've Been Loving You (08:47.63)
05 Black Dog //  (06:03.70)
06 Dazed & Confused (21:29.06)
07 Stairway To Heaven (07:53.44)

Disc 2 (53:46.12)

01 Celebration Day (05:32.10)
02 That's The Way (06:50.74)
03 Going To California (05:01.56)
04 What Is & What Should Never Be (04:41.01)
05 Whole Lotta Love (Pt. 1) // (08:13.58)
06 Whole Lotta Love (Pt. 2) // (19:35.23)
07 Weekend (03:51.15)

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