I'm on the boil so I'm keepin' 'em coming so long as the sources are there.

Grant B let you all know of this a while ago and now it's on.

Here is what he said in that earlier post:
"Hello Everyone:
a couple of weekes ago I offered a couple of new shows
to be treed out. I have just lisined to the shows and
they are beinmg sent out now to Les in Australia:
The shows being offered are:
Brighton 12/20/72 50'
Birmingham 12/16/72 125'
Melbourne 2/20/72 New source 50'

The two new shows are quite good for a 1972 UK
recording. The quality is about that of the London 72
shows. I seem to recall a bit of the In The Light riff
being played at end of Dazed and Confused on the
Birmingham show.

These are not the EVSD 'Sweet Brummy Roll' sets. I suggest you sign up for
Rob M's tree (as I did) for those, the announcement can be found here:

Once again this tree is being hosted at LZ_Trees.
Regardless of other Trees you may have signed up to previously you need to
do it again for this database.
You need to get along to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LZ_Trees/ and signup
if you aren't already a member. If you are a member just follow the dB link
and add your details.
Once there go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LZ_Trees/database and add
your details to the Masters and Colonials database

The signups end 10:00 GMT 4 Nov 03.


Les. :)
sLoObY's Trade Repository
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> Hi Les:
> I don't know for sure on the total lineage but I can tell you the Brighton
> tape was sourced from a 1st generation tape and the Melbourne and the
> Birmingham
> tapes were sourced from the master tapes. Also I never keep track of
> generations
> I'll try to get back to you if I have or recieve more info.
> I have been able to determine the Birmingham show is a Master>CDR.
> The Melbourne is a Master to CDR.