Thanks to Peiter, I'll soon have the subject show EAC'd from silvers.

I dare say that Underground Uprising has suitable reviews on this
release so I won't dwell on it here.

Pieter does not have a scanner so the artwork is currently
unavailable. If any list member can scan his/her artwork at 300dpi
that would be great, I'll drop it into the files section.

This tree will close Friday week, 10:00 GMT 27 th Feb 04.

The database is in place so start filling in your details.

One thing to note, please DO NOT use commas in any of the fields you
enter data into, it reeks havoc when I export the database into Excel.

Also can some kind soul post this on FBO, LEDCDR, Zepephile and
LedZeppelin (remember don't cross post), I'm away from my home email
account (again...groan)!

I hope everyone is enjoying all the Trees so if anyone has something
they like to share around then get in touch and I'll be glad to
organise your Tree.

Have a good one,

Les. :)