Thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of Steve P. I will be hosting a
DISC EVSD 146/7/8 - 3CD boxed set. The signup period will remain open until
June 10th, 2002 at 9:00 PM PST.

These are the disks:

DISC ONE (71:06): The Song Remains The Same
(6:37), Sick Again (8:11), Nobody's Fault But
Mine (7:35), Over The Hills And Far Away (7:10),
Since I've Been Loving You (10:24), No Quarter

DISC TWO (56:18): Ten Years Gone (12:14), Battle
Of Evermore (7:26), Going To California (5:37),
Black Country Woman (1:47), Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
(7:41), White Summer/Black Mountain Side (8:37),
Kashmir (12:56).

DISC THREE (71:47): Out On The Tiles/Moby Dick
(15:51), Heartbreaker (9:11), Page Solo (16:25),
Achillies Last Stand (10:41), Stairway To Heaven
(13:25), Whole Lotta Love (1:34), Rock And Roll

Email me with your signup info. I won't have time to follow up for
confusing or imcomplete signups so please read the simple instructions
carefully and follow them. Thanks.

1.  In the Subject Line LTTE BRANCH
2.   In the body of the Email I will need the following information
Your Full Name , Email , State or Country , Number of Leafs , Whether
You'll Mail  Overseas
Please separate all info with a space, a comma and another space after it.
For Example:

Robert Plant , , NY , USA , 5 , NO
John Bonham , , Heaven , Universe , 3 , YES

Branches please send my your EAC offsets, or tell me what you use for
burning/extracting software. Adaptec/Roxio users may find themselves
assigned spots as leaves. Sorry about that, but there may be a lot of
copies made and I'd like them to be as error-free as I send them out.

If you don't extract with EAC, you should. It's free here:

You'll find this page

very interesting, if you're interested turning out exact copies with your
EAC.  There's a fascinating article about offsets in general, and how
to set the offset for your particular burner...


1.  In the Subject Line LTTE LEAF
2. In the body of the Email I will need the following information
Name , Email , State and/if applicable Country
Please separate all info with a space, a comma and another space after it.
For Example:
Jimmy Page , , NY
John P. Jones , , England

A link to the tree structure will be posted here on or before the 20th of
June. The coverart and setlists will be on their own page on my website in
the next week or so...

Quoted extracts from Steve P's (the seed) post a week or ten days ago:

"If the Silver Rarities version was good, this set is GREAT!  . . .  There
seems to be a cut in the tape right after Over The Hills And Far Away,
right after Robert says "I'm starting to cook!".  There's also some kind of
channel flutter or something during No Quarter that lasts a few minutes and
disappears.  It does not distract from the song, but it's noticeable in my
headphones. . . The sound is fantastic with only a few exceptions.  The cut
in Ten Years Gone is plugged with an alternate version of the show.  The
splice to and from the alternate tape are very well done, but the alternate
tape sounds like it
was recorded in a metal garbage can or something. Thank God it only lasts
18 seconds before switching back to the original Millard tape.  The first
time you hear the switchover to the alternate tape - be prepared!  I had
headphones on (cranked up quite loud I might add) and almost fell out of
the chair!  I'm going to guess that Empress Valley used the Ten Years Gone
tape that was included on TDOLZ's Time Traveller set from June 22nd.  The
TYG found on that set was really from the 21st, but of a lesser quality
recording than the familiar Millard "Eddie" tape. . . It's quite possibly
the best audience recording I've ever heard. . .