Tree Announcement 

Monitor Mixes

Hello everyone,

To end the year off, I would like to announce a tree of "The Lost
Monitor Mixes". The tree will be seeded from an original silver CD
(my copy). Thanks to Martin Dumont who has generously offered his
assistance in administering this tree.


Empress Valley Supreme Discs proudly present the world premier
of 'Monitor Mixes'. Four lost tracks presented in superb quality from
the vaults of Olympic Studios. Allegedly, the reels were found in a
nearby rubbish skip, in almost identical fashion to the discovery of
the 'Tribute to Ben Burns' reels. The tapes were labelled 'Monitor

"Are we ok there...?" Mumbles, coughs and a few obscenities about
Africans from Bonzo precede the unusual count-in before this
incredible mix of Four Sticks. "Have to get into that more you
know..." he says in frustration after playing the rhythm track once
through on his own. This is the same take as the version that would
eventually appear on Led Zeppelin IV but heard in all the glory of an
alternate mix. This version has a clearer, more natural sound with
superb clarity on the vocals and drums.

The guitars warming up at the beginning of Black Dog are mixed
slightly differently and some hi-hat noises are followed by a 1-2-3-4
count-in before Robert Plants's incredible vocals make their
entrance. Again, we can enjoy the song in a different mix from the
finished version, the main difference being the "Oh yeah, oh yeah,
Ah, Ah, Ah" sections, additional and louder clicks of Bonzo's sticks
can be heard. Some of the vocal line shaves more echo than on the
finished version. The harmony vocal is also missing on the last "aah,
ahh" before the guitar solo of which the final section is completely
different. On the official version, Jimmy Page returns to the
ascending licks that he uses at the beginning of the solo. However,
on this version, he breaks off into a previously unheard solo that
continues through five repeats of the chord theme before fading out.

Some indiscernible studio chatter and what sounds like a click track
introduces this alternate mix of When The Levee Breaks. The familiar
bombastic drum intro is completely absent and the number begins with
the first vocal line. The second verse is also absent as are some of
the guitar overdubs in the bridge section. The general ambience of
this mix sounds quite different and it is treated with more treble
and an accentuation of the phasing or swirling effect that is heard
on the fourth album's official release. Bonzo's  famous Headley
Grange drum sound can be heard to full effect!

The number is preceded by a "1-2-3-4" count-in from Bonzo. This mix
is superb and perhaps even superior to the album version, showcasing
Bonzo's drum sound superbly. Robert's closing wail is longer,
harsher, very raw and appears to have been softened on the official

Although similiar to the Physical Graffiti version of the track, this
mix of Trampled Underfoot can be enjoyed with some subtle
differences. A distant count-in introduces the keyboard and many of
the guitar overdubs are mixed differently. During the ad-libs at the
end of the number, there is a hind of some unfamiliar guitar parts.
These were perhaps alternative over-dubs or guitar parts treated to
an alternate mix, revealing parts that are masked in the official
version. Unlike the official release of the track, the number fades
out instead of finishing with the sustained chord that we are all
familiar with.

As a branch you will be required to make error free copies of the
show, trade with integrity and deal with your specific branches in a
timely manner. In the event you are unable to fulfill your
obligations please advise the administrator immediately.
Artwork will be posted as quickly as it becomes available.



Signups for branches will be taken first, followed by leaf signups.

Branch signups will be taken between Dec 28'th and Jan 4'Th
Leaf signups will be taken between Jan 4'th and Jan 7'Th

Please email the appropriate person for your geographic location and
put "Monitor Mixes – BRANCH" in the subject line of your email.

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