Well we're on the go again with a little gem of a show from the Winston
Remasters stable.

A review from Jules McTrainspotter can be found here:

Some more info from Andy:

"The info of the show is as follows. Millard Source -
MasterCassette>Cassette>DAT, ALT source - Lineage unknown, only 2 small cuts
remain.. just after the rain song and just after moby dick.  all the songs
are complete.
These sources were digitally cleaned and Enhanced with Soundforge 6
Professional and Samplitude Professional. 24 bit mastering."

So for the old hands it's business as usual over at LZ_Trees. For the
newbies to my group, follow the 'My Tree Group' link below and sign up to
the group. After you're approved make you way to the Database link to add in
your details to sign up for this tree.

The database (Long Beach 11 March 75) is in place for those who are already

I will be geting this in Audio format for those who wish it so and will SHN
(only) for those who want it in this format.

Artwork has already been created, thanks again to Andy, and will be posted
once I have it.

The signup period will carry through 'til the 8th of April by which time I
will have the seed discs.

I hope this gives you a nice Easter present and once again I thank Andy for
his audio efforts and for allowing me to Tree this for you.

Les. :)
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