This is the official announcement for the San Francisco - Fillmore West,
Jan. 11, 1969 Tree. Seed has been donated by Paul Patorno
( The gen of this seed is Master>DAT>DAT clone>CDR. One
more announcement will follow.

Before I give the rundown of the show, first, let me say this. Because
neither Paul or myself have ever encountered a *Bad Trader*, this tree
will be open to EVERYONE. Any leaves that have any problems contact either
Paul ( or myself ( 

This show has been partially available before on the Balboa release, Birth
of the Gods. This source is almost the entire show, cut at approximately
the same spot as BoTG's, but also includes the ending of HMMT and CB. Were
calling this, Listen to This Luis, due to the fact that Mr. Rey asks,
"Where's the rest?" in his book, LZL-FE.

Set list includes the following:

I Can't Quit You
Dazed and Confused
You Shook Me
How Many More Times (cut)
Communication Breakdown

This is one disc and runs 42:23

This recording is by no means a copy of the Balboa release with the recent
MP3 files added on. This is the genuine article and generation as
previously stated. Paul and myself are donating all main branch copies as
our Christmas gift back to the masses who have helped us out in the past
years to build our collections. Thanks to all, you know who you are. No
trade or B&P are necessary. Merry Christmas.

Sign ups will close on Jan. 11, 2000.

Artwork for this show will be available on my webpage and possibly Paul's
in the near future. It will also be available on PB soon as well. Further
info on that to come.

Now for the sign up info. All sign ups must be sent to:

Sorry to do this, but if sign ups don't come to this address, they will be
deleted and you won't be on the tree.

Branches, if you can't burn DAO, don't bother. 

Include in the subject line:

LTTL69 -  Branch

In the body of the letter add the usual:

e-mail address
# of leaves willing to take on


Subject line:
LTTL69 - leaf

Body of e-mail:
e-mail address

Sorry to be so strict on this, but my experience with Administering a tree
is only at one, and I made some mistakes last time around and don't want
to make them again. For those of you who haven't heard this before, you
are in for a treat. Those who have, this is much better sounding then the
Balboa release (cleaner and crisper). As far as I know, that is the only
release to date. I may be wrong though.

Well, enough of my rambling. Everyone have a good holiday season and enjoy
the show.