Subject: [LedZeppelin] Do you remember that one fellow that... Oh, it's been so long...

First, a little story.

A while back, I was walking along the road. As I was enjoying the sunset, laced with golden stardust, a child of god wandered up to me and asked if I wanted to join a little 'Rock & Roll' band. I declined, out of respect for the more talented musicians all ready present, and the aforementioned child offered a gift to me, under the condition that it was shared with other live enthusiasts other than myself. I agreed, and then the child handed me three TDK cdr's, containing the show that Led Zeppelin performed on March 27th, 1975 at The Great Western Forum, in Inglewood, California. To my astonishment, the band put on a show with more downs hang ups, though the ups (consisting mainly of Mr. Plant's introductions) do take a listen worthwhile. However, deciding that with explanation, and a clear, concise review, sharing this music would not be a problem. 

First, the set list--

Disc 1-

The first disc contains a short introduction by Ms. Linda Lovelace, followed by the standard openers, Rock & Roll/Sick Again. Following a very loud beginning, punctuated by Bonham's bass drum, comes a very long rendition of "Over the Hills and Far Away", highlighted by a long, wandering solo by Page (the track in its entirety clocks in at over eight minutes). Not a necessarily good or bad solo, but, without question, the weirdest one Page has performed for that number. Next in the order of business, a very nice interpretation of "In My Time of Dying", with an extended ending due to Plant's "You Shook Me" interlude. Then, as if a trip down memory lane to the previous tour, the band puts out a stirring "The Song Remains the Same/The Rain Song". Jimmy's playing on 'TRS' is rather emotional, with an echoey guitar sound, however marred by the thirty second cut in the dead middle of the song (and I do use the term 'song' with much conviction in this instance). Following Plant's typical 'wasted lands' introduction is a typical 1975 performance of Kashmir with fewer high points as some of the more eclectic versions from `77. At this point, we are treated to a deviance from the usual `75 set list with only the third and final appearance of "Since I've Been Loving You" that year. This time around, however, Page seems to remain the strange mood he's been in since "Over the Hills...", and for the most part keeps quiet, adding only whispers of a guitar around the beat while Jones and Bonham drive most of the track. All in all, no high pitched screams or blistering guitar work--just one of the more genuinely heartfelt renditions of the song the band ever did... and out of `75, of all times...

Disc 2-

We are now in the middle of the show. Track numero uno on disc two is the first full thirty-minute-encompassing No Quarter. Following Plant's non-typical "Three balls!" introduction, Jones leads us through one of his more interesting extended solos for this number (I myself am quite fond of the little rhythm he makes for himself to play in and around starting at about the 7:50 mark). However, once Page enters with his epic solo, I tend to loose interest and my attention wanders off, as he was not particularly... on... during this number (or during Dazed & Confused, but I'll get to that shortly). Next in the agenda, and keeping with the die cast set list, is a very long "Trampled Under Gallows". (Not a full blend of the two, however--take nine-tenths Trampled Underfoot, one-tenth Gallows Pole, add water, a lot of alcohol, and bake for three months in a tour with only rare changes in the set, and voilá!). Personally, I prefer the "Trampled" from Seattle about a week before to this one, as Jimmy's fingers get caught in the strings more than once during the solo (again). Rounding out disc two is an immense "Moby Dick", which my favorite track to skip. 

Disc 3-

First, of word of caution before loading the third disc. The first track is undoubtedly the single *longest* performance of "Dazed & Confused" the band ever vomited up, clocking in at nigh forty-five minutes. However, aside from that fact, it is decidedly *not* Jimmy at his best. Or even average... or even sub-par... At any rate, take a journey through it once if you dare; you may enjoy it more than I did. My train of thought is that "Dazed and Confused", in it's full `73~`75 incarnation, was something to be witnessed, and not merely recorded and absorbed in several sittings, even if some of the better ones do lend themselves to heard more than once without becoming exhaustingly boring (such as the one from Seattle six days before). I'm not so sure this one in particular is one of them. Track two is a twelve minute outing of the mandatory "Stairway to Heaven". Jimmy does slightly better here than on the previous number. Not his best, but certainly not his worst, either. After a brief period of cheering from a bewildered crowd, the band returns for the encores of a "Whole Lotta Love" with a decidedly funk interlude, seeping into a six minute "Black Dog". The "Lickin´ Stick" insertion never fails to give me a good laugh. 

Tape completeness/etc...

There is a minor dropout during the TSRTS, a 30 second cut in TRS, one two minor cuts and two pops in No Quarter (you'll only notice them if you're still paying attention well after the 15 minute mark), two cuts and three pops in "D&C" (again, these only occur after the 20 minute mark, well after your attention should have wandered off). 

Source info--master/dat/cdr (The only Millard tape to make it directly to dat). Though keep in mind that the source info is not required to listen to and, oh dear god, enjoy the music! (in parts).

Now, onto the point of the message: there is going to be a *very* small weed of thing for this set, and to be a part of it, see below-- 

To be a branch, you *must* submit to the following--

A) Use EAC/CdrWin

B) Must be able to over burn discs, as disc three runs about 74:35 or so.

C) Use Kodak/Mitsui/TDK cdr's. No others are accepted. (this applies for leaves, as well)

D) Extract/Burn at no more than 2x.

If you can't meet one or more of these requirements, then simply don't sign up.

The will only be four branches allowed for this little weed of a thing.

All the sets have all ready been burned. It's just a matter of signing up.

Branches will be required to take three leaves each, for a total of twelve leaves.

If you'd like to snag a copy, email me at with "75 Branch" or "75 Leaf" in the title, depending on which status you want.

If you don't make the cut, then just trade for it with someone that does.

The point of me organizing this is not to hand it to you on a silver platter--it's to encourage good trading habits.

Auf weidersehen,